Garbage can lift

Lifting table custom-made

Use scissor lift tables in such a way that you can lift your garbage cans e.B. from the cellar.

Screw lift table

Lifting table with two spindles as drive

Spindle lifting tables are electric lifting tables that are lifted via a spindle.

Column Lift

Column Lift

Column lift as a load lift Column lift with a column and basket with railings. Most column lifters are used to transport goods from one floor to the next. The advantage over a lifting table is that you can reach very high heights despite the small platform size. Likewise, none, or only a small pit […]

Car lift

Carlift with 2 stops

Car lift with roller shutters Car lift with open roller shutter. View from below. Car lift tables, car lifts or car lifts (Carlift) are, as the name suggests, used to transport cars to another floor or level. Our car lifts are not approved for passenger transport! In this project, the task was to transport the […]