Height-adjustable platform

Flat lifting table for people 1

Electrically height-adjustable platform. Hydraulic scissor lift table for adjusting the working height. Our German industrial customer had the challenge of having different employees work in front of a machine at the same workplace. Due to the different sizes of all employees, it was not possible for everyone to work ergonomically. There were therefore two possible solutions. The first was to make the machine height adjustable [...]

Hydraulic scissor lift table

A garage with two people standing next to a heavy-duty lift table.

Lifting table with canopy in a garage Lifting table with canopy extended Our Austrian private customer was planning a new house and was faced with the challenge of getting his cars into the basement. A lifting system in a shaft was not possible for reasons of space, as the parking space in the garage should remain freely usable. Together with the customer and […]

heavy-duty lift table

Heavy-duty lifting table with a load capacity of 22 tons

Robust and solid heavy-duty lifting table Hydraulic scissor lifting table with a load capacity of 20 tons in a solid design. Our German industrial customer was looking for six hydraulic scissor lift tables to raise and lower his coils or drums. These drums have a weight of up to 20,000 kg and a maximum diameter of 3000 mm. What was challenging was that the […]

Lift table with passenger transport

Lift table at the lower stop - door closed

Lift table with passenger transport Hydraulic scissor lift table for bridging a difference in level. The task in this project was that a pallet or a trolley including an accompanying person had to be transported from street level to the room below. Due to the limited space, no additional stairs could be built at this point, so the trained employee had to ride on the lifting table […]

Height adjustable garage floor

Scissor lift table - 6000 kg load capacity - 6600x6475 mm platform

Lift table as a height-adjustable garage floor. Hydraulic scissor lift table is used to lift two cars in the garage. An architect came to us because his customer wanted a height-adjustable garage floor in a new building. The idea was to raise both family cars to the same level as the rest of the building so that access to the house was at ground level and barrier-free. […]

Lift table for wood industry

load capacity 18500 kg - platform 15500x2600 - wood industry 1

Lift table for the wood industry Hydraulic scissor lift table with a length of 15.5 m and a load capacity of 18,500 kg. Our customer is a special machine manufacturer specializing in the wood industry. He was looking for a heavy-duty lifting table with a huge platform of 15,500 x 2,600 mm and a load capacity of 18,500 kg, on which a roller conveyor would later be built. A big […]

Lift table with canopy

Lift extended

Lift table with canopy Hydraulic scissor lift table for transporting garbage containers to the basement. The customer had installed very old and partly substandard lifting systems in 4 of his residential complexes, which were used to transport the garbage containers from the street to the basement. The old systems only had a cover without monitoring components [...]

Elevating table between two floors

Gates closed and railings at the upper stop

Lifting table between two floors Hydraulic scissor lifting table as a goods lift from the ground floor to the basement. In collaboration with our customer, we have found a perfect solution to transport heavy goods from the ground floor to the basement. The requirements for the load capacity were high: up to 6000kg had to be transported. The platform size had to be large enough […]

Scissor lift tables in synchronism

Scissor lift tables with bellows in synchronism

Three lifting tables in synchronization Hydraulic scissor lifting tables with bellows in synchronization. The task given to our customer was extremely demanding. The point was that three hydraulic lifting tables had to be able to lift in one plane at the same time with different load distributions. This requirement required a high level of precision and technical know-how. The lifting tables […]

Lift table with loading bridge

Lifting table with mounted feed ramp

Lifting table with built-up loading bridge. Hydraulic scissor lifting table with feed ramp installed at the customer's premises. This well-known large transport company installed a lot of classic loading bridges with 1000mm advance. The task was to equip a charging station so that it could be lifted from street level into the hall using a pallet truck. In addition, this gate should also be suitable for standard delivery […]