Maluk loading lift tables

The loading lift tables / loading platforms we offer are used for loading and unloading trucks and flatbed trucks or for bridging levels in front of loading ramps

Our loading lifting tables are always supplied with lifting eyes for transport or easier pit assembly, mounting bolts in the base frame for gentle loading on the scissors at the lower stop, lifting limit switch for adjusting the upper level and tear plate as anti-slip protection.

The best-selling loading lift tables have a platform size of 2500 × 2000 mm or 3000 × 2000 mm. The most common load capacities are 2000 kg, 4000 kg and 6000 kg. In most cases, the lifting height of semi-trailer trucks is approx. 1300 mm.
However, we not only deliver standard versions, but also adapt the dimensions to your requirements or circumstances without any major additional charge. In any case, it pays off to inquire about our stable and affordable loading lifting tables.

Loading lift tables are particularly robust and mostly large scissor lift tables that are designed for use on (loading) ramps. These truck lift tables can be used to move pallets, carts, transport equipment, pallet trucks or containers between loading ramps and the ground level of the hall / yard or between the loading ramp and various types of transport vehicles. It is also possible to lift the transport vehicle or forklift with these lifting tables so that you can reach the higher level. To make loading easier, we offer manual or electro-hydraulic tailgates on all sides of the platform as an option.

Loading lift tables as a space-saving and safe alternative

Loading lift tables with portal and bellows

loading lift table

Loading lift tables are used in front of ramps or on buildings with a height difference from the yard level. This loading lifting table has a bellows as underflow protection and the safety strip required by the standard. A stable moving bar is attached to the platform to protect against falls. When the lifting table is in the lower lifting position, this is approx. 1.2 m above the upper stop and acts as a railing. The platform surface is made of tearplate for better grip.

Loading lift tables are adapted to the conditions on site

Our loading lift tables can be precisely adapted to the needs on site. In the event of an order, we create a pit plan with all the necessary information. These two facilities were equipped with surrounding railings and a gate in the direction of the hall. In the loading direction from the truck, a hydraulic loading flap was installed, which also serves as fall protection. The traffic light system at the loading lift tables shows whether the lift table is currently in use or free.

Custom-made loading lift table
Lift table outside

Order loading lift tables online from experts

are not only used for loading and unloading articulated lorries or flatbed trucks, but also for transporting the goods from the yard level to the ramp with pallet trucks. This system has an all-round lattice skirt as underflow protection and railings including gates on the platform and a gate at the upper stop as fall protection. We have installed the operation with key switch for the limited group of users on a pillar next to the system.

These loading lift tables are used indoors, in a protected outdoor area such as under a canopy or completely outdoors.

We adapt our lifting tables exactly to your wishes and environmental influences, so please tell us all your requirements. Indoors, the painted version is usually sufficient, but outdoors we rely on long-lasting hot-dip galvanizing and a higher protection class for the electronics.

Depending on the application, we offer the additional safety technology required according to the standard. Railings are available as fall protection, fixed or plug-in, on all sides of the platform. Gates, with or without forced contact, on all sides of the platform. Mobile portals as fall protection, also available on all sides of the lifting table platform. As underflow protection, we offer a mesh skirt or a PVC roller blind on all sides under the platform. If all 4 sides need to be protected, we offer a circumferential bellows depending on the application.
Loading lift tables often have to be driven over by a truck or other heavy equipment. Here we offer our reinforced platform with increased wheel pressure. This means that the lifting table can even be driven over with a semi-trailer in the lower lifting position in the pit.

Loading lifting tables often have to be supplied by the general contractor for large tenders. We are happy to provide support right from the planning phase. With the offer you will receive a pit plan with construction details, we will take part in construction meetings and check the natural dimensions. Our fitters are present during delivery and carry out assembly, commissioning and training. We also offer acceptance by the TÜV or a civil engineer, including acceptance findings and test book.