Standard lifting table TL 2000

Our standard lifting tables are robust and durable and are also ideally suited for heavy industrial use.

We call standard lifting tables hydraulic lifting tables, which are shown in the catalog without accessories or can be ordered in the shop. There are models with single scissors, horizontal or vertical double scissors and even with vertical triple scissors. All of these lifting tables can be equipped with our extensive range of accessories. You are welcome to contact us via the contact form, email or telephone.

Our robust, top -class standard lifting tables are not only available in standard dimensions, but are also available in any desired size. Due to the modular design (base frame, scissor arms and platform) they can be easily adapted to specific needs. Send us your requirements and we will examine the options.

standard lifting table

The classic standard lifting table with single scissors

This product type is certainly the largest in our product range. As the name suggests, this type of lifting table has scissors between the base frame and the platform. Due to this design, the lifting height always depends on the platform length, as the scissors always have to fit under the platform in the lower lifting position.
The single scissor lift tables are available with many different platform sizes, load capacities and lifting heights and are therefore used in many areas of companies. The hydraulic lifting tables can simplify, speed up and make work processes more ergonomic. Employees are also relieved of their workload and sickness absence due to incorrect lifting is reduced.

The standard range includes single scissor lift tables with a load capacity of 500kg to 10,000kg. We also offer our special lifting tables . These are based on the classic lifting tables and are equipped with larger payloads, other platform dimensions or extensive accessories.

The top seller in this category is undoubtedly the Euro pallet lift table. This has a platform size of 1300×800 or 1300x1000mm. This means that Euro pallets can be picked up and lifted ideally. With this version, there are loads of 1000 kg, 2000 kg or optionally 3000 kg.

The standard lifting table with horizontal double scissors

These standard lifting tables consist of two mechanically synchronized scissors, which are positioned next to each other under the lifting table platform. This design is used when long goods have to be lifted. The platform here is significantly longer than with single scissor lifting tables, but because the two scissors are used next to each other, the lifting height is approximately the same as with a classic lifting table . The advantage, however, is that the overall height is lower and the platform rises evenly.
With these so-called tandem lifting tables, various platform sizes and load capacities up to 10,000kg are also available. Special requests can be fulfilled here at any time.

Standard lifting tables with double scissors
Standard lifting table TLD 2000

Standard lift table with vertical double scissors - triple scissors - quadruple scissors

Vertical double scissor lift tables consist of two scissor packages lying one above the other. These vertical lifting tables are ideal for transporting goods to a higher level.
Thanks to the two or more scissors arranged one above the other, this type of lifting table enables higher levels to be reached despite the small and compact platform. However, this construction method means that a larger overall height can be planned.
These double scissor lift tables are often used to transport goods or pallets to the next floor. However, these freight elevators require additional safety technology, which we can also offer as an option.

plant lifting table

If there is a very high number of strokes or in cycle operation, our standard lifting tables must be upgraded accordingly. This is where our HD series comes into play.
This upgrade allows the lifting tables to be used in automatic systems or before or after machines for stacking. In such applications, it is important that you inform our technicians exactly about the use so that we can design the lifting table so that it fulfills its function for a long time and safely.

Standard system lifting table HDL 2000