Freight lift without pit over 3 floors

Column jack at the top stop
Hydraulic column jack with shaft scaffolding as a goods lift over 3 floors.

For this project, a well-known architect approached us with a special challenge. His customer, a large electronic components supplier, would like to connect his three floors with a freight elevator. Basically it sounds like a simple task.

The challenge was that the first breakthrough had already been made and that in the lowest level - in the basement - only a pit with a maximum depth of 130mm could be made. This requirement would provide a solution lifting table or classic freight elevator would not have been possible. In addition, it was a must that 2 pallets had to be transported at the same time, which seemed hardly feasible due to the existing - almost too narrow - opening.

We have ours hydraulic column jack exactly adapted to the existing breakthrough. We positioned parts of the shaft framework outside the shaft to gain platform width. Thanks to a special design, we were able to adjust the height so that the existing pit depth could be used. Here we were able to help customers save high costs for construction measures.

Details of the freight lift without a pit

Column lifter upon delivery

Delivery from the column jack

Our column lifter Depending on the size and space required, they are delivered pre-assembled to the customer in order to be able to assemble them more quickly.
Unloading is usually done by the customer. For this project, however, our fitter had to step in and unload the truck. After unloading, the parts are taken directly to the installation site and lifted into the shaft.

Lowest stop from the hydraulic freight lift

At the lower stop, in the basement, a 130 mm deep concrete pit was made so that there is no step when loading the platform. The platform of the column jack sinks into this pit and is flush with the floor.

The lifting area is on three sides Freight lift secured by a fixed grille or sheet metal shaft. On one side there is a double door, which is secured by a forced contact.

The door from column lifter in the basement can only be opened if the platform is properly positioned in this position.

At the back of the picture you can see the oil tank and the control of the system. We usually install these in the lowest support, as this requires the least amount of hose and cable lengths.
In addition, you save on laying cable ducts and get a nicer look.

Column jack at the bottom stop - platform at the top
Pillar lifter middle stop

Middle stop from the column jack without a pit

Our continuous shaft scaffold also provides fall protection on three sides in the second stop - on the middle floor. Reaching into the danger area is also prevented. The mesh size of the shaft is produced in accordance with applicable standards.

A door with a forced contact is also installed in this stop. But this is on the opposite side. The Freight lift without pit is therefore a through loader.

The gap between our shaft framework and the ground is closed by the customer with a connection plate. This prevents anything from falling down.

Top stop from the freight lift with shaft scaffolding

As on the other two floors, a 3-sided shaft scaffold was also installed on the third floor, the top stop. The side on which the lifting column is located was made with a full-surface sheet metal. This ensures additional safety for people and machines.
The control button is installed on the side next to the door. With this you can send the system to one of the floors. The Freight lift without pit However, it only starts when all doors are properly closed. This is monitored by the control system we supply and install.
The individual doors can be emergency unlocked for maintenance. However, this may only be carried out by skilled and trained people.
We always carry out training courses directly after assembly or as part of maintenance.
Column lifter upper stop secured with gate

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