Maluk Lift & Tilt Equipment

Maluk offers lifting and tilting devices in different platform sizes and load capacities

With our lifting tilting devices you can easily raise and tilt the platform with just one device. Maluk offers lifting tilters in various platform sizes and load capacities. Since the lifting tilting devices are designed for tilting goods , employees can always remove or place the products in the ideal area. This not only speeds up the workflow, but also ensures ergonomic work. The tilt angle is +5° to -40°.
Our affordable lifting tilters are available in the standard version with a load capacity of 750 kg and 1500 kg. We can also offer a load capacity of up to 3000 kg in special designs.

Load the pallets, lattice boxes or boxes onto the lift-tilt device, raise them to the desired working height and set the appropriate working angle. In the later work process, you then only have to set the height, since the set angle is automatically reached again by the scissor geometry. This patented construction is unique in the world and therefore very popular.

In the lowest lifting position, the lifting and tilting devices have the lowest distance between the platform and the ground in the world. This means that pallets can be lifted directly from floor level.

The platform size can also be increased or decreased according to customer requirements. Additional stop angles or slip protection devices are also available upon request.
Increase work speed and productivity while reducing the strain on employees as products can always be removed at a comfortable height and at the ideal angle.

General technical data:

  • Load capacity up to 1500 kg in the standard range up to 3000 kg in the special construction
  • Lifting heights between 550mm and 820mm are available
  • Height and angle adjustment via just one hand button
  • Tilt angle can be adjusted between +5° and -40°
  • In the extended position, the angle can be readjusted at any time in dead man's mode
  • Anti-slip device included
  • Corresponds to the applicable lifting table standard, EN 1570-1
  • Including CE declaration
  • Detailed operating instructions in many languages
  • Control voltage 24V in dead man's mode
  • Electrical system according to protection class IP54.
  • Safety distance according to the standard between all moving parts.
  • Adjustable high sensitivity protection frame on all four platform sides.
  • Lift-tilt devices equipped with maintenance-free bearings.

Lift-tilt devices are perfectly suited for all applications

Maluk Lift & Tilt Equipment

Lift-tilt device ART 1500GV on feet.

This model has feet, a so-called lift truck device, mounted under the base frame as standard. With this increase, you can easily transport the lifting and tilting device to another place of use with a pallet truck, an electric ant or a forklift.

ALT lifting and tilting device with platform

The classic lifting and tilting devices have a closed platform with a stop angle on the side on which the tilting takes place. Depending on whether it is tipped over the short or the long side, these tipping devices are equipped with one or 2 scissors and cylinders. Various dimensions are available in the standard range with a short delivery time. Other dimensions or structures are possible in special designs.

EdmoLift model ALT lifting and tilting device
Maluk Lift & Tilt Equipment

Tilting device with a low overall height

have an extremely low overall height of only 6 mm. The scissor arms are arranged on the left and right and in the middle there is an ideal receptacle for lattice boxes, Euro pallets or cartons. Thanks to this low U-shaped mount, these tipping devices can be easily loaded and unloaded with any pallet truck or pedestrian stacker and the goods can be safely brought to an ergonomic removal position.