spindle lift table

Lifting table with two spindles as a drive
Spindle lifting table with two built-in spindles.

Hydraulic scissor lift tables are sufficient in many applications. However, they have the disadvantage - as the name suggests - that they are operated with hydraulic oil. However, in some industries or applications, oil is not permitted. This is where alternative types of drive come in Spindle drive for use.

A second big advantage of Spindle lifting tables is that you can position the lifting table exactly. No matter whether in the upward or downward direction, you can lifting table place it very precisely in the desired position. In addition, the lifting table remains stable in this position for a longer period of time.

A small disadvantage of spindle lifting tables is that most of them are significantly more expensive than hydraulic lifting tables.

Lifting tables with spindle drive

Mini lifting tables from Maluk - spindle drive

Mini lifting table with spindle drive

These small lifting systems or Mini lifting tables are very often used in furniture construction.

Their compact design means they fit ideally into cupboards or other pieces of furniture. The lifting range must be with these small spindle lifting tables always be secured by the customer as no safety edge is supplied.

Two 230V sockets are supplied as equipment
e.g. B. to supply the microwave, bread slicer, etc. to be lifted with electricity. A rocker switch on a 1.5m cable is supplied as standard.

Optionally you can with this Small lifting system with spindle drive order a remote control. This can be delivered with infrared or with radio waves.

Small spindle lifting table special construction

Our customer was looking for a lifting table that stops exactly at the top position and can stay there for a long time.
In addition, the lifting table had to be built very narrow and very flat.

Since a hydraulic lifting table was out of the question here, we have one compact spindle lifting table offered.

To attach the customer's machine, countless holes were prepared in the platform so that assembly was as easy as possible for the customer.

All lifting tables are tested before delivery: see video.

Spindle lifting table in special construction
Spindle-driven lifting tables in a conveyor system

Spindle lifting table in plant engineering

If exact synchronization is desired, you can use a flow divider on hydraulic lifting tables.
However, in this project the customer chose ours Spindle lifting tables decided.

The three lifting tables were designed so that all three or just two of them can be lifted up synchronously. Likewise, there was only one individual operation Lifting table with spindle possible.

We have attached a special holder to the platform for the customer's transport goods.

Spindle lifting table with chassis

Also Spindle lifting tables can be used mobile. This one lifting table We made it completely out of stainless steel and placed it on a chassis.
For better use, we have attached sturdy push handles on two sides.

We installed a bellows as underflow protection. On the one hand, this protects the operator and, on the other hand, the technology from environmental influences.

You can check the platform dimensions, lifting range and load capacity mobile spindle lifting tables choose, as these are built as one-off products anyway.

Spindle lifting table with chassis

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