Lift table trolley in special construction

Lift table trolley 300 kg - 3100x1000mm - 610mm stroke - tandem scissors
Hydraulic scissor lift table truck with extra long platform.

A lifting table trolley is basically a mobile lifting table that can be pushed from one place to another using force.

Lift table trolleys or lifting platform trolleys are available in many different designs. The countless standard models can be ordered directly from our shop. Here we offer a variety of manual lifting table trolley at. These are pumped up with a foot pump. It lifts with every pedal stroke lifting table, depending on the load, a few centimeters upwards.

However, if you use it frequently or have a large lifting height, we recommend one electric lifting table trolley to choose to protect the employee.
For many applications in operations, warehouses or production, the standard models do not fit perfectly. This is where our special lifting table trolleys are used. We plan procurement together with the customer and deliver exactly what is needed.
No matter whether larger platforms, more load capacity, flatter design, special structures on the platform and many more, our Custom-made lifting table trolley complete all tasks!

Lift table trolley projects

Lift table trolley 250 kg - 760x760mm - 900mm stroke - roller conveyor

Manual lifting table trolley with roller conveyor

This Special version of lifting table trolley has a load capacity of 250 kg, a platform size of 760 x 760 mm and a useful stroke of 900 mm.

The customer was looking for a lift table truck with a very small platform and yet a large lifting range.
Here we installed our double scissors as steeply as possible in order to comply with both specifications.

In addition, the customer requested that a roller conveyor be built on the platform so that the products could be transported more easily from the warehouse to the machine.
We installed plug-in side guides all around to protect you from falling from the platform.

The lifting table trolley is pumped up with the foot pump. The color can be freely chosen for custom-made products at no extra charge.

Lift table trolley with ball rollers

This special version lifting table trolley has a load capacity of 300 kg, a platform size of 1060 x 760 mm and a useful stroke of 900 mm.

In order to get boxes from the shelf onto the mobile lifting table without much effort, the customer wanted ball rollers integrated into the platform. To ensure that nothing slips off the platform during the process, we have installed plug-in fall protection.

The lifting is carried out here by a manual foot pump.

Lift table trolley 300 kg - 1060x760mm - 900mm stroke - ball rollers
Lift table trolley 500 kg - 1250x800mm - 1300mm stroke - T-chassis

Scissor lift table trolley with double scissors for Euro pallets

This special design lifting table trolley has a load capacity of 500 kg, a platform size of 1250 x 800 mm and a useful stroke of 1300 mm.

Here it was task with that Elevating table trolley for Euro pallets to transport. The overall height had to be as low as possible and the lift as large as possible. To do this, we attached the wheels to the sides and installed the technology on the extended long side.

The lifting is carried out here using a manual foot pump, as only a few pallets have to be transported per day.
For larger applications, we always recommend an electric lifting table trolley.

Electric lifting table trolley with platform on customer request

This electric lift table trolleys The special version has a load capacity of 750 kg, a platform size of 1250 x 1000 mm and a useful stroke of 600 mm.

What is special about this version is that the push handle had to be attached to the long side of the lifting table because the customer's workflow required it. Standard lifting table trolleys could never be used properly, so the customer decided on our special solution.

The lifting of this mobile lifting table is carried out at the push of a button to relieve the employee as much as possible.

Lift table trolley 750 kg - 1250x1000mm - 600mm stroke - special chassis

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