Three lifting tables in synchronism

Scherenhubtische mit Faltenbalg im Gleichlauf
Synchronized hydraulic scissor lift tables with bellows.

The task assigned to our client was extremely demanding. The point was that three hydraulic lifting tables had to be able to lift in one plane at the same time with different load distributions. This requirement required a high degree of precision and technical know-how. The lift tables work synchronously and each table has a load capacity of 3000kg.

Our engineers have met this challenge with great care and expertise. They started by analyzing the customer’s exact requirements and developing a customized solution that met their needs.

To ensure that the lift tables met the customer’s requirements, they were subjected to extensive testing. Our engineers conducted a thorough inspection to ensure that the lift tables worked reliably and accurately.

After all tests were successfully completed, the lift tables were delivered to the customer and installed. The customer was extremely satisfied with the result and was able to significantly increase its productivity and efficiency by using the new lift tables.

Overall, this was a project that presented our team with some challenges, but it was also extremely rewarding to develop a bespoke solution that met the client’s requirements and exceeded their expectations.

Projects of lifting tables with weighing device

Schrenhubtische im Gleichlauf

U-shape lifting table with scale

Before mounting the bellows, the three lifting tables were tested again. Whether with or without load or with uneven load, the lifting tables must always lift and lower exactly in one plane.

In addition, you could choose on the control that a table can be used individually. See the video below.

Lifting table with underlaid scale

Our technicians installed 3 hydraulic cylinders per lift table in this project so that we could achieve the necessary load capacity and stability.

It was particularly important to the customer that the lift tables lift evenly and in one plane and stand very stable even when extended.

Scherenhubtisch mit 3 Zylindern
Aggregat für den Gleichlauf von 3 Hubtischen

Loading lift table with scale

A central unit with flow divider was used for the three lifting tables in synchronous operation. All 3 lifting tables could thus be supplied with one unit.

With different load distribution, the flow divider adjusts the amount of oil and all 3 tables lift up or down in a plane in synchronization.

In addition, the control was manufactured in such a way that each table can also be used individually.

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