Mobile lifting table with floating platform

Mobile special lifting table with tandem scissors
Hydraulic scissor lift table with wheels, bellows and floating platform.
For a German customer from the Automotive industry we had to develop a special solution. With the lifting table Parts of the car should not only be moved from one production step to another, but also be lifted for the “wedding”. Positioning the chassis is relatively difficult due to its high weight, so the platform should be designed to be “floating”. In addition, the customer's space was limited, so it had to be built very compactly.
Our design team worked with the customer to develop a great lifting table solution. Two manually mobile hydraulic scissor lift tables with a load capacity of 6000 kg were delivered. The platform measures 4000 x 1000 mm.
So that the load could be ideally positioned, we have one floating platform installed with lock. On this, the product can be moved 50mm in any direction without moving the entire lifting table. To provide additional safety, we have installed a special double unit so that you can lift at two lifting speeds. First, it is lifted quickly so as not to waste any time. The last few centimeters should be done at slow speed so that the car parts are not damaged.
The lifting table is rounded off with a bellows as underflow protection, a push handle on both sides and a coupling for a transport device on the base frame.

Details from the lifting table project

Lifting table with castors in a narrow design

Narrow design of the mobile lifting table

Due to the limited space available to the customer, we designed the lifting table in a very narrow design.

Nevertheless, the unit had to be installed internally under the lifting table because the length could not be exceeded. We have this thanks to a special design of the scissors narrow lifting table can deliver.

Bellows as underflow protection

Basically, all of ours will lifting tables secured by a surrounding safety strip. You can see these in red under the platform in the photo. As soon as it feels counter pressure (e.g. from a person or a workpiece), the lifting table stops.
However, in this project we had to install additional security for the operator and the lifting table itself. On the one hand, the bellows prevents a person from getting under the lifting table. On the other hand, the lifting table is protected from damage and, above all, from contamination. The bellows can be seen in black in the picture.
Mobile lifting table with bellows
Mobile lifting table with ball rollers

Special lifting table with chassis

The lifting table must constantly be pushed to several positions during production. The lifting table can be easily pushed thanks to the wheels under the base frame. Instead of 4 wheels on the corners, we installed a total of 6 wheels to ensure stability.

On a narrow side of the mobile lifting table We installed a push handle and a holder for a coupling for a transport device.

Lift table with floating platform

The white platform can be moved 50mm by hand in all 4 directions. This ensured that the platform could be precisely aligned for the “wedding”. Ball rollers were installed under this platform, on which the platform can be moved without much effort

The floating platform can be fixed with a bolt so that the platform does not slip when moving or assembling.

Mobile lifting table with floating platform

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