Lifting table with integrated scales

Lifting table with scales
Hydraulic scissor lift table with scales between the base frame and the pallet truck device.

Almost all of ours Scissor lift tables can also be equipped with a scale. If she Scale is integrated on the base frame, on the cylinder or in the platform, depends on the application. Here we always check for each project which solution is the best.

Lift tables are very often used for packing products in shipping departments. Through an in Lift table integrated scales You save time and space because no additional workstation is required for weighing.

When selecting the weighing system, it is important to precisely determine the application.
What needs to be weighed? Pallets, individual boxes,…
How exactly do you have to weigh? An increment of 5kg, 1kg or even in grams is sufficient.
What will happen to him? lifting table made? Will e.g. E.g. driven over with a forklift truck, used outdoors, ...

Projects of lifting tables with weighing devices

Machine - machine tool

U-shape lifting table with scales

This was a classic U-shape flat lift table with a scale equipped under the platform.

This meant that the customer was able to load with a pallet truck, without a pit in the hall floor, and at the same time weigh his panels for transport.

The integrated scale also saves you an additional scale workstation.

Lifting table with scales underneath

Hydraulic scissor lift tables are usually only used to raise and lower products.
We had to find a solution for this customer so that he could not only work ergonomically, but also at the same time Weight of its products dmonitor directly on the lifting table can.
The high-quality and very precise weighing cells were attached to the base frame. The weight is displayed on the included displays.
Lifting table with scales on the base frame
Loading lifting table with scales

Loading lifting table with scales

loading lift tables will then be with one Scale Equipped if you want to check the weight of the pallets again during loading.

This prevents something from being forgotten, over-delivered, or the truck from being overloaded.

In this project we built a second platform and placed the weighing elements underneath. The weight is shown directly on the display next to the lifting table.

Lifting table with weighing function

The task was to build 8 hydraulic scissor lift tables so that the pallets could be lifted Weigh directly on the lifting table when packing could.
For this purpose, we have integrated a scale directly into the platform. An additional challenge was that the lifting tables were installed in a pit and the customer drove over them with a heavy forklift. Heavy-duty load cells therefore had to be installed so that they would not be damaged by the load.
Lifting table with integrated scales with bellows

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