Elevating table between two floors

Gates open and railings at the top stop
Hydraulic scissor lift table as a goods lift from the ground floor to the basement.

In collaboration with our customer, we found a perfect solution Transporting heavy goods from the ground floor to the basement. The requirements for the load capacity were high: up to 6000kg had to be transported. The platform size had to be large enough to transport the goods safely and was therefore 6000 x 3000mm. The difference in level between the two floors was 4000mm.

As experts in material handling, we have one for our customers hydraulic scissor lift table as a load lift recommended and delivered. We have the lifting table professionally assembled and put into operation on site. The hydraulic scissor lift table is an ideal solution for transporting heavy goods quickly and safely. It has a high load capacity and is therefore ideal for transporting heavy loads. We prevent the platform from sinking at the upper stop using a bolt lock. The goods lift was equipped with an elevator control according to EN81-31.

The platform of the scissor lift table is stable and safe to carry heavy goods. The hydraulic drive allows the platform to be raised easily and efficiently to the desired height. With the scissor lift table, goods can be transported quickly and easily between different floors. The cargo lift is also easy to use and offers maximum safety for the operator.

With our hydraulic scissor lift table as a load lift we have one for our customer made-to-measure solution for its specific requirements. If you are looking for a reliable means of transporting your goods, you can rely on us. We offer professional advice, delivery and installation of material handling solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

Project details from the basement lift table

Delivery and lifting with crane truck

Delivery and lifting from the lifting table between 2 floors

In order to safely transport the hydraulic scissor lift table, which we delivered and assembled for our customer, into the prepared shaft, we used a crane truck. This lifted the lifting table directly into the shaft, where it is now perfectly positioned optimally used for transporting goods between floors can be.

Ground floor from the lifting table as a goods lift

To ensure the safety of the hydraulic Scissor lift table as a loadTo ensure ift, we took special safety measures during assembly on the ground floor. We have equipped the lift with gates on both short sides that have locks. These gates can only be opened when the platform is in the up position. In this way we ensure that people and materials cannot fall into the pit.

In addition, we have installed a fixed railing on both long sides of the lifting table, which provides additional safety. We made sure that the railing had sufficient height and stability to ensure maximum safety.

The combination of gates and railings ensures safe and reliable use of the hydraulic scissor lift table as a goods lift.

Gates closed and railings at the upper stop
Closed elevator door in front of the lifting table at the lower stop

Basement from the lifting table as a material lift

We have it in the basement Lift table as a material lift equipped with a special elevator door, which was also supplied and installed by us. This door has a special lock and only opens when the lifting table platform is in the basement.

The shaft door prevents falling into the shaft pit when the platform is at the top. It also prevents the goods from falling or being crushed during the lift.

Scissors and shaft from the lifting table between 2 floors

Around Maintenance work on the hydraulic scissor lift table system To be able to carry out this, it is necessary to open the shaft door at the lower stop in the basement. This door can be unlocked with a special triangular key. However, it is important to note that access to the shaft pit may only be granted by qualified specialist personnel.

Before entering the shaft pit, a maintenance support (red in the photo) must also be inserted, which mechanically prevents the system from accidentally sinking during maintenance work. This precaution is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and avoid accidents.

Our team attaches great importance to compliance with all safety regulations and measures when installing and maintaining material handling solutions. We ensure that all necessary safety features such as the locks on the gates and elevator door as well as the fixed railing and maintenance support are installed and adjusted to ensure the safety of staff.

Open elevator door in front of the lifting table at the lower stop

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