Lift table with canopy in a garage

A garage with two people standing next to a heavy-duty lift table.
Lift table with canopy extended
Our Austrian private customer was planning a new house and was faced with the challenge of getting his cars into the basement . A lifting system in a shaft was not possible for reasons of space, as the parking space in the garage should remain freely usable.
Together with the customer and the architect we have one Scissor lift table with built-up roof resorted to. In the lower lifting position, this car lift is flush with the garage floor, so that the space remains available as a parking space.
The lifting table has a load capacity of 3000 kg and a platform size of 5500 x 2400 mm. The level difference is 3600mm. Passengers are prohibited at this facility. Operation only takes place from the upper stop in the visible area of the system. Please note that there are no objects or people on the roof during the lifting process.

Details from the lifting table in the garage

Shaft according to our information

When an order is placed, we not only create the technical system drawing Lift table with roof, but also a detailed shaft plan for the construction company.
In this shaft drawing we not only draw the basic dimensions, but also the required empty pipes. We also specify the dimensions of the door reveals.

For systems between two floors, we always install a bolt lock. The dimensions of the bar pockets can also be seen in the drawing.

Assemble the lifting table with a special crane

We often lift the lifting tables into the shaft pit in the basement during the shell construction phase and commission them when everything is finished. We often use the customer's crane or a standard truck crane.

In this project, the house was already built, so we had to use a special crane to deliver and lift the individual components into the garage. We then connected the parts together again directly in the pit.

Garage freely usable

When the hydraulic scissor lift table with canopy is in the lower lifting position, the roof is flush with the garage floor.
This means that another car can be parked in this position or the space can be used for other purposes.
The system can only be controlled from the upper position. The operator must ensure that the roof is cleared before lifting.

Securing the lower stop

Solid concrete walls were built by the customer on three sides in the basement. Loading and unloading takes place via a narrow side of the lifting table.
We secured this side with a solid steel door. Both door leaves have a monitoring contact. This one takes care of that. that the door can only be opened when the platform is in the lower position. Conversely, the Aauto-lift table with canopy Only lift when the door is properly closed.

At the upper stop we connected the customer's garage door to our control system. The lifting table with roof can only be raised and lowered when the gate is closed. This is additional security that no strangers can disturb the lifting process.

A metal door in a garage with a heavy duty lift table attached to it.

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