Heavy duty scissor lift table

Heavy-duty lifting table with a load capacity of 10 tons
Hydraulic heavy-duty scissor lift table with a load capacity of 10 tons.
In this project for a Swiss forklift dealer, the task was to transport materials or forklifts weighing up to 10 tons to be transported from the ground floor to the basement. What was challenging was that on the ground floor no shaft could be built because the remaining material delivery is carried out through this area. This meant he had to lifting table be built so stable that a truck can drive over it in the upper lifting position.
After many discussions with the customer, the planner and the authority, we have one for all parties perfect lifting table solution found.
We have one for this Heavy-duty lifting table with 10,000kg – incredible 10 ton load capacity delivered and assembled. The platform measures 8000 x 3000 mm. The level difference to be overcome was 5000 mm. The overall height, i.e. the required pit depth, was 1400mm.
In addition to the lifting table, our scope of delivery also included the railings including the installation frame for securing the upper landing and the elevator control required according to the standard.
We also carried out the complete customs clearance including all necessary documents. Through our Swiss fiscal representation we can Lift tables in Switzerland with assembly delivery.

Information about the heavy-duty lift table project

Delivery of the heavy-duty lifting table

Delivery from the lifting table with a semi-trailer

The heavy-duty lift table was already lifted onto the semi-trailer at the factory using a mobile crane. This then drove to the customer's hall. When we awarded the contract, we checked whether there was enough space in and in front of the hall.

Thanks to the open roof of the truck, the customer was able to lift the lifting table from the loading area using the indoor crane. Here we planned the installation so that the hall crane was already fully functional.


Insert into the shaft with an indoor crane

Thanks to the existing hall crane, we did not have to organize additional lifting equipment for assembly. It hangs straight after unloading heavy-duty lift table still on the crane and was then lifted straight down into the shaft. Once in the shaft, our technicians aligned the stage while it was still hanging on the crane and then put it down.
On the narrow side you can see the built-in bolt lock under the lifting table platform. This ensures that the lifting table cannot sink when loading or driving over the upper stop.
Heavy-duty lifting table with a load capacity of 10 tons
Scissor lift table at the upper stop with railings

Securing the upper stop from the lifting table

If the lifting table is in the lower position, someone could fall down into the shaft. To prevent this from happening, a plug-in railing was installed on four sides of the upper stop. This railing is monitored with contacts. This means that the lifting table can only be lowered if the railings are inserted.
Should someone pull out a railing if the... heavy-duty lift table is in the basement, then a loud beeping noise sounds as a warning.
This fall protection solution is only permitted in consultation with the authorities, the civil engineer / TÜV and the customer. Due to the limited user group in a facility that is not open to the public, we were able to offer a solution here.
If you take out the railings in the upper lifting position, you can use the lifting table area. In addition, it is so stable that you can drive a loaded forklift truck over the platform.

Heavy-duty lifting table at the lower stop

As described, the upper stop was secured with plug-in railings. We also manufactured a steel frame for this and assembled it on site. (Silver visible underneath the railings)
A shaft has been constructed on three sides of the lower stop. The fourth side of the lifting table is secured with a gate. The gate is connected to the lifting table control in such a way that it can only be opened when the lifting table is properly positioned at the lower stop. Conversely, the lifting table can only be raised when the gate is closed.
Two steel beams were mounted on the long side. The platform is guided over these two supports along the entire lifting area.
The platform surface is made of tear plate. You can freely choose the color of the scissor lift table.
Heavy-duty lifting table, lower lifting position - secured with railings at the top

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