Electrically height-adjustable platform

Flat lifting table for people 1
Hydraulic scissor lift table for adjusting the working height.

Our German industrial customer had the challenge of having different employees work in front of a machine at the same workplace. Through the different size of all employees It was not possible for everyone to work ergonomically.

There were therefore two possible solutions. The first was to make the machine height-adjustable, but this would have meant that several systems would have had to be adjusted in height. So the only approach left was: Workstation height adjustable to design.

Our electrically height-adjustable platforms or small aerial work platforms are the ideal helper here. The employee can adjust the height ideally from the platform at the push of a button and carry out their work gently and efficiently.

The customer has purchased several systems in this version and is very satisfied so far. Further systems are already being planned.

The load capacity was assumed to be relatively high at 500kg if there are two people or heavier tools on the platform. The dimensions of the stand area are 2600 x 1200 mm. The stroke is limited to 250mm and can be infinitely adjusted depending on the size of the employee. This means that every employee, regardless of size, can work ergonomically.


Details of the height-adjustable platform

3D drawing of the podium

In the first step of the project to make working more ergonomic, we drew the electrically height-adjustable platforms. 

The customer introduced the 3D models into their layout and checked the size and finish. Only after this release did we give the release for production.

Railing as fall protection

For scissor lift tables for people, railings with a height of 500mm or more are required. We have limited the lifting height so that there is no railing on the two long sides. On the one hand with an electrical limit switch and also with a mechanical limit. This ensures in any case that the height prescribed according to the standard cannot be exceeded.

Bellows as underflow protection

As soon as you can operate the lifting table from the platform, a danger area arises under the platform. Here, the lifting table standard EN 1570-1 stipulates that the area under the platform must be secured. For this we have installed a circumferential bellows. This ensures that neither people nor materials can be under the lifting table.

Motor and control from the work platform

Due to the very low height of the electrically height-adjustable platform, we had to mount the motor and the control externally. So that they don't get in the way or create a traffic jam, we have installed these components in a separate cabinet. This is connected to the lifting table with a 5m hose and placed in a safe place.

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