Column lifter as a load lift

Column jack with one mast
Column jack with a column and basket with railings.


Most column lifter are used to transport goods from one floor to the next. The advantage over one lifting table is that you can reach very high heights despite the small platform size. Likewise, no or only a small pit is necessary.
With a lifting table, the lifting technology - the scissors - is installed under the platform, so a deep pit or an appropriate height is required. At a column lifter The lifting technology is located in the mast. The platform is transported up or down along the mast. In principle, this jack works like a stationary forklift mast.
The classic column jacks has a mast on one long side. Depending on the platform size or required load capacity, more columns are required. The drive takes place via a hydraulic motor, which is set up outside the driving area. The vertical hydraulic cylinder pushes or pulls the system up or down.


Multiple mast column jack

Our technicians check the application for each project as early as the quotation phase. Depending on the platform size, but also the load capacity, we then decide whether one column, two columns or even four columns need to be used.

At a column lifter with two columns these are always arranged opposite each other. Whether these are installed on the short or long sides of the platform depends on which side the customer needs to load from. The arrangement also depends on the type of goods that need to be lifted.
Column jacks with 4 columns are used, for example, to lift cars or long, heavy goods to the next floor. Here the columns are arranged opposite each other on the long side of the platform.

Column lifters in everyday life

Column lifter with grid shaft

Column lifter with grid shaft

This column lifter is used in a warehouse to lift products and goods from the hall level to the platform. The load lifter was installed in a shaft so that it can be served from both stops.
We not only delivered the jack and the shaft, but also carried out the ready-to-use assembly.

As you can clearly see from this project, a column jack does not require a pit in the ground. Thanks to the vertical lifting technology built into the mast, the platform can start 100mm above ground level.

We solved this 100mm from the hall level to the platform for this customer with a ramp. Our technicians installed these during installation.

Column lifters in industry

column lifter are very often retrofitted in industrial companies because a pit cannot be created in the ground for other lifting solutions. Our jack can be placed on the hall floor or a very low pit can be created. Depending on the version, we can get by with a pit depth of 100mm.
In this project, the lifting process had to be carried out very quickly. For this reason, we have installed automatically opening roller doors at both stops, which can be opened at the push of a button. Of course, the gates only open when the platform is in the appropriate position.
In addition, the lifting speed has been significantly increased compared to the standard.
So that our hydraulic drive motor and our control system do not get in the customer's way, we have the shaft from Column lifter for loads slightly larger at the bottom. This meant we were able to place the control and motor behind the column in a protected area. An inspection opening was of course also taken into account.
Column jack with shaft in an industrial hall
Column jack with sheet metal shaft

Column jack with sheet metal shaft

Every now and then it happens that the customer does not want an open column jack or a grid shaft. This can be decided for optical reasons or because of heavy contamination in production halls.

With this project you can also see at first glance that no pit has been created here. The column lifter became direct on the hall floor assembled. Loading takes place via a ramp supplied by us with a classic pallet truck.

Double-leaf sheet steel doors with forced contacts were installed at both stops. The doors in the lower stop only open if the platform is in this position.

The column lifter operates in automatic mode, which means that you press a button once and the platform moves to the next floor. During this time, the employee can walk up the stairs to the next floor.

Outdoor column lifter

If there is no longer enough space in the warehouse or production, our column lifters can also be set up outdoors.

In this project we created a free-standing and self-supporting galvanized shaft on the outside of the building. It also travels in this shaft galvanized column jacks automatically up and down. No pit was provided here, just a solid foundation. On the access side in the lower stop, an asphalt wedge is used to overcome the construction height.

At the lower loading point there is a 2-wing. Revolving door with forced contact (red) installed. This door must be opened by hand.
An automatic roller shutter was installed at the upper stop. We used this so that environmental influences such as heat or cold can be better warded off.

Ideally, in projects like this we place the motor and the control inside the building so that they are better protected. This wasn't possible for this project, so we added a small canopy to avoid direct contact with water.

Outdoor column lifter

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