Mobile lifting tables - Mobile lifting tables

Chassis for lifting table
Scissor lift table with self-supporting chassis. Two wheels with brakes.

Mobile lifting tables

For the mobile use of scissor lift tables in the production hall.”

Normally will lifting tables always used in the same place, i.e. stationary. Nevertheless, in some applications it happens that lifting tables have to be moved. There are many different solutions for this that we would like to present.
Compared to the classic lifting table trolleys, which have a manual lift or are battery operated, these lifting tables still have a power connection.

The simplest solution is something called Pallet truck device. This self-supporting frame is installed under the base frame lifting table positioned so that it can then be transported with a classic pallet truck or forklift. The advantage over a variant with wheels is that it is very stable after parking and can no longer slip.

The more practical solution is to Wheels under the lifting table to assemble. It should be noted here that these cannot simply be attached to a standard base frame, as this is only built for full-surface installation. The wheels must be attached to a reinforced base frame or their own steel frame. It is important that at least two of the wheels must have brakes.


Special form of mobile lifting tables

Another form of drive is a Rail chassis. Here, so-called wheel flange rollers are attached to the lifting table instead of the wheels. These can also be combined with a traction motor be equipped so that the lifting table can be moved at the push of a button.
The disadvantage of this variant, however, is that the route can only take place along laid rails and hardly allows for cornering.

Project examples from the maluk lifting table world

Lift tables with pallet truck device

Lift table with forklift pockets

The simplest solution to equip a classic scissor lift table as a mobile version is the so-called Pallet truck device.
In this project, not only feet were installed, but also forklift access pockets so that transport can be carried out as safely as possible.

Mobile scissor lift table with
15,000 kg load capacity

This lifting table not only has a prism support on the platform, but also a Rail chassis with electric drive to move horizontally along rails.
A contact strip has been attached to both front sides to stop the mobile lifting table in the event of a collision.
Lifting table with chassis and prism support
Lifting table with roller conveyor and chassis

Lifting table with special chassis

If it can be something special...

The chassis with push handle and power connections, which was specially developed for the customer, ideally helps customers with their workflow. The products can be placed on the lifting table via the roller conveyor and easily transported to the next workstation.

No more lifting or dragging!

Lifting table as an aerial work platform with rail chassis

This special lifting table is called aerial work platform used and was therefore equipped with railings as fall protection.

The operator has to constantly move along a straight path, hence we have the lifting table with a Rail chassis fitted. At the push of a button you can not only lift, but also move sideways.

Lift table with rail chassis and railings

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