Underrun protection for lifting tables

Bellows as underflow protection on a loading lift table.

Hydraulic scissor lift tables are always equipped with a circumferential safety strip. This prevents someone from squeezing in the area of the platform edge when driving down. As soon as this bar notices a contact, the lifting table stops.

If this protection is not sufficient, our countless other versions are used. These protect not only the operator, but also the lifting table itself from environmental influences or contamination. Depending on the application or official requirements, we use either a protective roller blind,a mesh shirt or a bellows under the lifting table platform.

With many lifting table models, it is important to communicate the need immediately at the first order, as a larger space requirement between the platform and the scissors is necessary. On some models you can easily retrofit an underrun protection, but on some it can no longer be retrofitted.

Types of underrun protection for scissor lift tables

Stabiler Verladehubtisch mit PVC-Rollo

PVC protective roller blind under the lifting table

PVC roller blinds are most often used to protect the lifting area. These are attached under the platform and to the ground or base frame and roll up or down during the lifting movement.

Roller blinds can be installed on individual pages or only on certain areas of the platform. For maintenance purposes, you can simply climb between two elements.

Mesh shirt as underflow protection

Instead of a PVC roller blind, protective grilles – so-called mesh shirts – can also be used. The function is similar to the roller blinds. The difference is that the lattice shirt does not roll up, but folds in the pit.

The disadvantage is that in the event of damage or a heavily soiled pit, hooking or uneven laying can occur.
The advantage is that these are more robust than roller blinds.

As with all protective devices under the platform, it is always better if they are ordered with the new system. A subsequent installation of a protective grille under the lifting table platform is possible, but always associated with greater effort. It can also happen that the space requirement is not sufficient.

Together with our customers, we plan every lifting table project precisely so that all safety components are always installed in advance according to the standard.

Hubtisch mit Gitterhemd - Geländern und Portal
Verladehubtische mit Portal und Faltenbalg

Lifting table with bellows

The bellows protect the lifting table best, as it is designed to be closed on all sides. This ideally prevents dirt or dust from getting under the lifting table.
With roller blinds, for example.B you always have a gap between the individual elements.

Installing a bellows afterwards is very time-consuming, as you have to put it over the platform.

During maintenance, the bellows must either be lifted or dismantled, which is a slightly greater effort.

Lifting table with sheet metal cladding

If lifting tables are installed in a pit and there is no space for other safeguards such as .B the safety strip, then mudguards are used.
The lifting table is placed in the pit and moves 600mm upwards, but the sheet metal is 700mm long and thus always protrudes into the pit. This prevents there being a gap between the raised lift table platform and the floor and no one can squeeze.
Sheets are very stable and safe, but a very deep pit is also necessary, so this protection is rarely used.

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