Loading lifting table outside

An outdoor loading lift table with a concrete floor in front of it.
Galvanized hydraulic loading lift table for outdoor use.

Our renowned Austrian industrial customer was looking for a way to bring his goods from the farm level to his new hall. This is where we brought our loading lifting tables into play.

The customer's requirement was that the lifting table could be driven over by a 40 tonne truck in the lower lifting position, i.e. when it was in the pit. Due to the increased wheel load, we not only installed adjustable mounting bolts, but also used an extra stable and reinforced platform.

Since the lifting table is located in an uncovered outdoor area, we delivered it completely hot-dip galvanized. As additional protection against rain, snow and dirt, we also installed a circumferential bellows (black in the picture) under the platform. This also serves as underflow protection for people in addition to the safety bar.

The loading lifting table has a load capacity of 4000 kg and a platform size of 2500 x 1600 mm. The overall height is 500mm due to the reinforced platform.

We not only carried out the planning and delivery, but also the assembly and acceptance.

Details of the robust loading lifting table

Concrete pit from the loading lift table outside

Before assembly, ideally before production, the customer's concrete pit is inspected.
This is necessary so that there are no surprises during delivery and subsequent assembly. Reworking the pit or adapting the loading lifting table would not only cause unnecessary costs, but would also mean a delay in the project.

If an order is placed, we will create a pit plan according to which construction must be carried out.

Delivery with assembly truck and trailer

When we do the assembly, we deliver the massive one
hydraulic loading lifting table usually with our assembly trolley and trailer.

This means that additional costs for shipping can be saved.
This also minimizes transport damage and allows just-in-time assembly without any additional effort.

Unloading must be done by the customer or using lifting equipment provided by the customer.

Moving and assembling the loading lifting table

In most cases, the lifting device for assembly is provided by the customer. A crane or forklift is often available.
The galvanized loading lifting table is lifted directly from the trailer into the pit using a crane. There it is aligned and, if necessary, underlaid with filling material. The lifting device is then no longer needed.

Immediately after assembly, we carry out detailed training. The handover takes place directly after the loading lifting table has been assembled.

Securing the upper stop with a moving portal

In this picture, the loading lifting table is in the lower position in the pit. In this lifting position you can drive a 40 ton semi-trailer over the lifting table. The platform was therefore specially designed for high wheel loads and reinforced accordingly.

There is a moving portal on the long rear side of the platform. This serves as fall protection from the upper landing when the lifting table is in the lower position.

As you can see, the lifting table is slightly offset from the gate. This was not intentional, but the building tolerances were exhausted by the construction company J

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