Lift table with tilting platform

Lift tables with tilting function
Hydraulic scissor lift table with tilting platform.

Our customer came to us with the idea of not only lifting his products, but also tilting them towards the fitter. After agreeing on what load, size, stroke and inclination is desired, we created an offer tailored exactly to the customer's wishes.

Tilting tables are available with or without lifting function. The dimensions and load capacity of the Tilting lift tables can be freely chosen as these are custom-made. The product is raised to the desired height and the worker then tilts forward until he can work in an ergonomic position. Lifting and tilting is done at the push of a button.
In the standard range, we like to use our lifting tilting devices for such applications. These have the advantage that the lifting and tilting movements are carried out at the same time. Lift tilting devices are available in many standard versions. Custom-made products are also possible.

Tilt lift table project details

Lift table with tilting platform

Lift table with tilting platform

In this project we have 5 Tilting lift tables supplied with a platform of 1500 x 1200 mm. The useful stroke is 500 mm and the upper platform can be tilted up to 80°.

To ensure that the product does not fall off the platform, the customer later installed a rail system for fastening.

Lift table with tilt function

Tilting lift tables It is essential that they are properly secured to the floor so that they do not fall over in a tilted position.
The load capacity of lifting table is 1500 kg. However, the heaviest product is only 1000kg, so we have taken sufficient safety into account.
In this project we installed a stop with gusset plates on the tipping side. Here the goods are supported by the customer so that they do not fall off the platform. In addition, the goods are held with a rail system (which was first set up by the customer).
Under the Tilting platform There is also a surrounding safety bar (in red), which stops the platform as soon as it is pressed. This prevents crushing of the operator, products or tools that are incorrectly placed there.
It is operated via a manual button with 4 buttons. Up – down – tip up – tip down. The procedure is carried out using a dead man's switch. This means that as soon as the button is omitted, the system stops immediately.
Lift table with tilted platform
Lifting table with lateral tilting platform

Tilting lift table with second platform

At Tilting lift tables In contrast to lifting tilting devices, a second platform is required. The lower part is a classic scissor lift table, the upper part is the tilting platform.
This design requires a greater overall height than our lifting tilting devices.

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