Lift table with built-up loading bridge

Hubtisch mit aufgebauter Vorschubrampe eingebaut
Hydraulic scissor lift table with feed ramp assembled at the customer's site.
At this well-known large transport company, many classic loading bridges with 1000mm feed were installed. The task was to equip a charging station in such a way that a pallet truck could also be lifted from street level into the hall with a pallet truck. In addition, this door should also remain usable for standard delivery with loading bridge.
Here we have resorted to a solution that has already been tried and tested many times in use. A loading bridge is mounted on a loading lift table. With this combined lifting device you can lift up and down classically like a scissor lift table. But also use the feed of the ramp.
What was exciting about this order was that the pit had already been concreted and we had to adapt the lifting table and the ramp to the existing dimensions.
The payload is 6000 kg. The platform is 3000mm long and 2250mm wide. The lifting table alone has a height of 500mm, together with the installed feed ramp then 1350mm. The difference in level is 1300mm.
For a long service life, the lift table and the feed loading ramp were completely galvanized. The control system was mounted in a protected indoor area. The shaft pit was equipped with a drain.

Projects of lifting tables with weighing device

Hubtisch mit aufgebauter Vorschubrampe

U-shape lifting table with scale

Before we deliver our lifting systems, they are connected in the factory and tested over a coffee
. Likewise, a test with load weights is carried out and all functions are operated several times.

A Hörmann loading bridge was built on the classic scissor lift table. This complete system was then assembled by us at the customer’s site.

Lifting table with underlaid scale

The lift table with loading bridge tested in the factory is transported to the customer ready for connection by a semi-trailer. A crane truck with driver was provided by the customer for the assembly.

The lifting table with feed ramp is lifted by crane into the pit prepared by the customer, aligned and then bolted. Then the wiring begins through the prepared empty conduits up to the installation position of the controller and the unit.

Hubtisch mit aufgebauter Vorschubrampe bei der Montage
Hubtisch mit aufgebauter Vorschubrampe mit Lichtschranke

Loading lift table with scale

As an additional safety device, we have installed a light barrier under the loading bridge, which is mounted on the lifting table.

This light barrier has the task of stopping the entire system if there is an obstacle under the loading ramp. This is especially important when lowering to street level, so that no person can get trapped or no goods can be damaged.

Lifting table with weighing function

As soon as the lift table and loading bridge have lowered to street level, there is a risk of falling from the hall onto the lifting system.

So that no railing and gate had to be installed at the upper stop, we set up a mobile portal on the platform as fall protection. This protrudes 1100mm beyond the upper stop when the lift table with ramp is at the lower stop.

Of course, the fitters also check during assembly that there are no shearing or crushing points between the portal and the customer’s installations, such as the door.

Hubtisch mit aufgebauter Vorschubrampe mit Portal

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