Lifting table with canopy

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Outdoor hydraulic scissor lift table with canopy.

The customer had installed very old lifting systems in 4 of his residential complexes, some of which no longer met the standard, which were used to transport the garbage containers from the street to the basement. The old systems were only secured with a lid without monitoring components.

After measuring and inspecting together with the customer, we have worked out a solution with four lifting tables with canopy . We would have to adhere to the local conditions, so each plant has a slightly different external dimension, which is not a challenge for us.

The lifting tables for garbage containers have the dimensions of approximately 1500 x 1300 mm, a usable stroke of up to 1600mm and a load capacity of up to 1000 kg. The roofs are accessible with a car up to 3500kg.

To ensure that waste disposal could continue to run smoothly, we had to plan the dismantling of the old jacks and the installation of the new systems in advance. Thanks to the perfect pre-planning and our experienced fitters, we were able to assemble and commission the systems on time. After the installation, we carried out the acceptance by the civil engineer directly and did the training by the customer.

Project details from the car lift table

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Delivery and lifting from the car lift table

If the garbage lift is located at the lower stop, the roof is flush with the surroundings.

The roof can then be entered and a car can also be used at three of the four systems. It is important to announce in advance what load will act on the roof later.

Car lift table with canopy half lowered

In the garbage room, which is directly adjacent to the lifting station for garbage containers , we have installed a steel door with thermal insulation. This door has built-in positive contacts that lock the door.

The door can only be opened when the lift table with canopy is in the lower position. Conversely, the system can only be lifted if the door is properly closed.

For maintenance ticks, the door can also be opened when the system is on top. However, this is only permitted to trained maintenance personnel.

Untere Haltestelle vom Hubtisch
Steuerung vom Mülllift

Car lift table in the lower lifting position

We have installed the control of the lift for garbage containers directly in the garbage room. This has the advantage that the electrical components cannot be damaged by weather or vandalism.

The control system monitors the door in the basement and the safety strip under the canopy and ensures proper lifting and lowering.

There are still light indicators on the outside of the door so that you can immediately see the current status of the lifting system for garbage cans.

Sectional door in the basement

The operation of lift tables with canopy is only permitted from the upper stop in the field of view of the entire systems. This is necessary because the operator must see the entire danger zone when lifting the garbage cans out of the basement.

The system operates exclusively in dead man’s mode. This means that the operator must press and hold the UP and DOWN buttons. In case of danger, he lets go of them and the system stops immediately.

The key switch ensures that no unauthorized persons can operate the system.

In addition, we had to install the buttons in another housing, as the buttons from the lift table with canopy were unfortunately torn down very often. Since the new, solid housing has been installed, we have not had any more vandalism.

Bedieneinheit vom Mülltonnenlift

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