Lift table for wood industry

load capacity 18500 kg - platform 15500x2600 - wood industry 1
Hydraulic scissor lift table with a length of 15.5 m and a load capacity of 18,500 kg.

Our customer is a special machine manufacturer specializing in the wood industry . He was looking for a heavy-duty lift table with a huge platform of 15,500 x 2,600 mm and a load capacity of 18,500 kg, on which a roller conveyor would later be built.

A big challenge was that the overall height could be a maximum of 450mm, which was very challenging with such a requirement.In addition, the load was introduced over the long side in the upper lifting position - so we had an uneven load in a very unfavorable case.

Together with the customer's designer, we found the perfect solution . The four scissor packages were not positioned centrally under the platform of the lifting table, but rather slightly off-center.This meant we were able to absorb the load optimally and the lifting table could begin its service.

After our delivery, our customer installed a roller conveyor on the lifting table and integrated it into an overall system in the wood industry.Our customer and the system operator are extremely satisfied as the system has been in operation without any problems since autumn 2021.

Project details of the long lifting table for the wood industry

Manufacture of the lifting table platform

Stable lifting table platform as a requirement

To ensure that the long scissor lift table can withstand the harsh conditions in the wood industry, the platform on the underside is made extra stable.

No matter whether the load is placed gently or a little faster, whether it is evenly distributed or off-center - our stable lifting table platform can withstand.

Lifting table with four horizontal scissors

Due to the incredible length of 15,500 mm, we had to install a total of four scissors under the stable lifting table platform.A flow divider ensures that all scissors - including the entire platform - lift evenly.

Of course, even with uneven load distribution.

The scissors are produced and painted and then screwed to the base frame, after which the platform is placed on the lifting table and connected.

Scissors prepared for assembly
load capacity 18500 kg - platform 15500x2600 - wood industry 1

15.5 meter lifting table with 18,500kg load capacity

The heavy-duty lifting table with an impressive load capacity of 18,500 and an exceptionally large platform of 15,500 x 2,600 mm was developed specifically for use in the wood industry. This robust and powerful lifting device offers a reliable solution for transporting and handling heavy wooden materials.

The heavy-duty lifting table is characterized by a robust construction and high-quality materials that can withstand the demands of the wood industry.

Lift table with roller conveyor in a woodworking line

The heavy-duty lift table was integrated with great care into the customer's overall system in the wood industry . To optimize the material flow, a roller convey or was installed on the lifting table.

The roller conveyor makes it possible to seamlessly load the wood material onto the lifting table and from there transport it further through the system.The combination of the heavy-duty lift table and the roller conveyor creates an efficient and smooth workflow that increases productivity.

Lift table integrated into the customer's system

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