Lifting table as a height-adjustable garage floor

Scissor lift table - 6000 kg load capacity - 6600x6475 mm platform
Hydraulic scissor lift table is used for lifting two cars in garage.

An architect came to us because his customerwanted aheight-adjustable garage floor in a new building.The idea was to raise both family cars to the same level as the rest of the building so that access to the house was at ground level and barrier-free.Together with the architects, we selected a suitable hydraulic scissor lift table.

The lifting table was produced exactly to the dimensions of the garage.The platform therefore has a size of 6000 x 6475 mm.The level difference is 900mm and the pit depth was 600mm.

At the exit point, 900mm above the lower lifting table level, the customer installs a stainless steel railing and a gate that is connected to the lifting table.This gate only opens when the lift table is in the upper position.This prevents you from crashing onto the platform.

A sectional door is installed by the customer on the entrance side.We also connect this to the lifting table control so that it can only be opened when the lifting table is in the lower position.This is necessary so that no one can get under the lifting table and that no one can fall from the raised platform. We had a bit of a challenge with the goal.The door manufacturer needed space for its suspension, so we had to build two recesses in the lift table platform.This recess is also secured with a safety strip.

Through joint planning and great design performance, we were able to provide customers with a perfect hydraulicscissor lift table for lifting two carsin the garage.

Details from the garage lifting table

Delivery from the scissor lift table

Delivery from the lifting table with crane truck

The height-adjustable parking liftis delivered using a crane truck. The two lifting tables are delivered stacked and lifted directly from the truck into the pit.

This has the advantage that it does not have to be unloaded or reloaded again.You also save yourself the need for temporary storage on the construction site.

Assembly of the first scissor lift table

The pit was checked at a construction meeting before delivery. We were therefore able to lift the first lifting table into the pit directly from the truck.

The garage lift was positioned precisely in the pit and temporarily attached so that it would not shift during assembly of the second part.

Lifting of the first lifting table platform
Lifting in the second part of the scissor lift table

Lifting from the second lifting table with the crane

After the first lifting table was positioned, our technicians were able to lift and position the second lifting table with the crane.

When both lifting tables were perfectly aligned, they were anchored to the floor in exactly this position.

Connecting and aligning the two scissor lift tables

The next step was to screw the two lifting tables together for lifting cars. The remaining platform covers are then installed in the middle.

The motor and controls are located below the platform.There is a maintenance hatch above this position so that it can be accessed quickly and easily in the event of maintenance or malfunctions. 

The system is operated on a column on the platform.

Connecting the two scissor lift tables

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