heavy-duty lift table

Heavy-duty lifting table in special design
Custom-made heavy-duty lifting table. Higher - bigger - wider - maluk lifting table!

For many applications, a standard lifting table is no longer sufficient. This is where our technicians come in to develop a lifting solution together with the customer. Here we pay close attention to the customer's wishes, what is technically feasible and compliance with applicable standards.

lifting tables with very high load capacity are also colloquially heavy-duty lift tables called. Some heavy-duty lifting tables with a load capacity of up to 10,000 kg can also be found in the standard models. In most cases, however, not only a large lifting capacity is required, but also a special platform size. Therefore, most heavy-duty lifting tables are custom-made.

lifting tables with a load capacity of 20 tons up to over 60 tons are not uncommon and can be manufactured in all sizes thanks to our years of experience. Send us dimensions, special requirements and the application and we will create a free offer.

Heavy-duty lifting tables from professionals

Heavy-duty lift table with large platform

Heavy duty lifting table for excavators

With this one Lifting table with a very high load capacity A variety of options were considered:
– Railing on the lifting table as fall protection
– PVC protective roller blind as underflow protection on the narrow sides
– Mechanical supports to prevent sinking
– Staircase with landing to access the platform
– Increased strength of the scissor lift table for high wheel loads

Heavy-duty lifting table with railings

This heavy-duty lift table is used to transport goods to the next level using forklifts and pallet trucks.
The customer wanted to do without a massive shaft, so we equipped the platform with solid railings on both long sides and additional gates on both narrow sides. The gates on the lifting table platform only open when the lifting table is in the appropriate position. In addition, another gate was placed at the upper stop.
Not only was the platform for the... high wheel load reinforced, but also extra sturdy scissors are used. 4 hydraulic cylinders ensure stability. At Standard lifting tables Often only 2 cylinders are installed. In this way we achieve a very large load capacity at this one Scissor lift table.
Since the platform can be walked on, a tear plate was chosen as the platform covering.
Heavy-duty lifting table with railings
Heavy-duty lifting table with a load capacity of 22 tons

Lifting table with a load capacity of 22 tons

Customers often have applications that require a lot of space on a relatively small platform large loads need to be lifted. Here our customers benefit from our many years of experience.

This heavy-duty lift table has a Load capacity of 22,000 kg. The mechanical supports prevent the vehicle from sinking into the upper landing. It's at the lower stop Lift table for large loads on the adjustable mounting bolt. This relieves the load on the scissors and the hydraulics.

Heavy duty lifting table with long platform

Sometimes one is enough large load capacity alone is not enough to fulfill the customer's wishes. In this project we had to make a very long platform so that the customer could ideally lift their long products.

The engine is equipped with a flow divider so that lifting can be carried out evenly even with uneven load distribution.
In the upper end position, 8 bolts extend so that the upper position can be kept stable. This means that the platform does not sink when loading.

Heavy-duty lifting table extra long

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