Garbage bin lift in Vienna

Shaft covered
Scissor lift table in the shaft for transporting garbage containers from the basement.

Especially in larger cities and where space is limited, the garbage containers are positioned in the building - usually in the basement. Lifting systems are installed so that they can be brought back to street level when emptying.
Depending on the application, these can be transported upwards using a scissor lift table or a column lifter.

The task of this hotel was to Dumpster of up to 1000kg from the basement to street level to lift. The platform was manufactured with 1800 x 1300mm. A pit had to be built in the basement floor for the technology so that you could drive onto the platform. If a pit is not possible, we resort to our column jacks. For this project, a level difference of 3.3m had to be overcome.
Operation takes place from above and below. The respective door only opens when the lifting platform for garbage cans is in the appropriate position.

Assembly and removal of the garbage lift. We didn't just carry out the assembly here. But also the acceptance according to the lifting systems law was carried out. For this purpose, we prepare all the necessary documents and carry out the inspection on site. The customer only needs to obtain the building permit.

Lift garbage containers out of the basement

Introduction of the garbage can lift

Introduction of the garbage can lift

The introduction of is particularly important when converting existing buildings Lifting systems for containers very complicated because there is hardly any space.

This one Garbage bin lift In Vienna we used a special crane to lift it through the gate opening of the upper stop into the building and transport it down with a cable winch.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can estimate very well what we need for installation right from the quote phase. We want to avoid surprises on site as much as possible.

Manhole framework from the lifting device for garbage containers

So that you can Lift table for garbage cans can be operated from above and below, it was mounted in a closed shaft. The shaft also has the advantage that you can... lifting table can be built without railings because the containers cannot fall down.

The customer chose the shaft cladding here with sheet metal and in the upper area with perforated sheet metal.

Lift table in the shaft
Upper stop from the garbage can lift

Securing the upper stop

In the back area you can see our gate, which is installed directly in our shaft. This only opens when the stage is in the upper position. Otherwise the door is off Garbage elevator locked and cannot be opened.

Before that we had to install an additional fire protection door (white) because the building authority had specified this.

We don't just care about ours Lifting system for garbage containers, but also all the necessary components that connect to us.

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