Scissor lifting table with double scissors

double scissor lift table
Hydraulic scissor lift table with vertical double scissors for greater lifting heights.

In addition to the classic ones Single scissor lifting tables and the horizontal double scissor lifting tables (two scissors next to each other for long goods) there are also the vertical ones Double scissor lift tables.

These are used when a greater lifting height can be achieved must. Of course, you could still choose a single scissor lift table and increase the platform length so that you can reach the lift, but the platform dimensions are often specified for reasons of space.

However, double scissor lift tables have the disadvantage that the overall height - i.e. the collapsed state - is higher than with Standard lifting tables, as the two scissors rest on top of each other under the platform. So you have to place the goods at a higher position on the lifting table or make a deeper pit.

The best-selling double scissor lift table is the Lift table TLD 1000. The 1300 x 800 mm platform is the ideal size for a Euro pallet. The load capacity is 1000kg distributed over the entire platform. With the useful stroke of 1600mm you can easily reach the higher level.
The big brother of this model is the Lift table TLD 2000. The platform and the hub are identical, but the load capacity has been increased to 2000kg.

Double scissor lift tables but can also be manufactured upon customer request. If the lifting height with two scissors is not sufficient, we can also supply triple scissor or quadruple scissor lifting tables. Depending on the application, additional safety devices such as railings, gates, portals or even a shaft are necessary. Our technicians will be happy to advise you here!

Lift table for large heights

Double scissor lift table closed

Overall height of the double scissor lift table

This picture shows ours Double scissor lift table TLD 2000 in the lowest lifting position. The collapsed height of lifting tables is called the overall height.
Since the two lifting table scissors are placed on top of each other, a significantly greater overall height is required than with lifting tables with only one scissor.

Galvanized double scissor lift table for outdoor use

If the standard models from the lifting table shop are not sufficient, we resort to our custom-made products. We and our partners have years of experience and are familiar with the applicable standards!

In this project the task was to transport the goods with a lifting table from the production hall to street level.

The double scissor lift table Special dimensions have been galvanized so that it will last a long time outdoors. Railings and a gate with a monitored safety contact were installed on the platform. These protect the goods from falling. A portal was installed towards the building, which serves as fall protection when the lifting table is in the lower position. Alternatively, the gate could have been integrated into the lifting table control so that it can only be opened when the scissor lifting table is at the top. However, the customer didn't want this to happen.

A mesh skirt was installed under the platform on three sides, which acts as underflow protection.


Double scissor lift table in the outdoor area
Lifting table between two floors with vertical double scissors

Double scissor lift table on the outside of the building

The customer wanted to move their goods from street level to the upper level so that they could be stored in the warehouse. Unfortunately, building a shaft was not permitted from a building regulations perspective, so one was created double scissor lift table erected freely on the outside of the building.

To secure the goods on lifting table Railings, a monitored gate and an automatic roll-off protection were installed. The platform surface was made of non-slip tearplate.

A monitored gate was installed as fall protection at the upper stop. (can't be seen in the photo)
The shear point between lifting table and the projection of the building we protected with a light barrier.

A pit was created at the lower stop using our pit plan. An underflow protection was not installed here because you can always clearly see the danger area from the only control point at the lower stop.

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