Lifting table with canopy

Car lift table with canopy
Hydraulic scissor lift table with built-up canopy in production.

Hydraulic lifting tables with canopy are quite ordinary lifting tables on which an additional roof is built. The canopy is there to close in the lower lifting position exactly with the level of the upper stop. Thus, you do not need any additional fall protection at the upper stop. This allows you to use the area above the lifting system as long as the system is in the lower position. Depending on the version, you can also run over the canopy with a car.

However, the operation of such lifting tables with a roof is only permitted from the upper stop, in the field of vision of the entire danger area. The trained operator must therefore check whether objects are on the platform of the canopy before the lifting movement. During the lift, he is also responsible for ensuring that no one approaches the lifting system, as there is a risk of falling onto the rising platform.

It is important for lifting tables with a raised canopy in the outdoor area that you think about the drainage before buying. Cheap mustard racks always have a gap on all 4 sides and water runs unhindered into the pit. We offer several solutions to prevent water from entering the park. On the one hand, you can let the canopy protrude above so that the pit is covered, on the other hand, you can build an edged profile as the end of the lid, which stands into a sewage rigol. We always advise our customers on this and also send examples and information.
For all variants, it is recommended to install a pump sump so that excess water can be pumped away.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can supply the side walls open or with panels. Optional lighting, signal or traffic light systems and much more are available on request.

Lifting tables with built-up roof

Hubtisch als versenkbare Garage

Lifting table as a retractable garage

Lifting tables are usually used as a retractable garage where the space is very tight. By parking in the ground, you create an additional parking space on the same floor space.
Likewise, these car lift tables are used to park your car protected and hidden. It is not possible to continue driving or access in the lower position.

The surface of the roof or canopy can be made with tear plate as standard. Usually, however, the lid is designed as a tub so that you can insert the same covering as in the rest of the driveway.

The drainage was solved here with a protruding canopy with a rubber seal. During the stroke, however, water comes into the pit, which must be drained at the bottom.

Lifting table with canopy as a car lift to the basement

In this project, the customer had to create additional car parking spaces so that he could comply with the local building regulations. There was not enough space for a ramp into the underground car park, so a lifting table with a canopy was used.
The car is placed on the extended lifting table. The operator must get out and send the stage downwards from the button in deadman operation.
When the stage has arrived at the bottom, the operator must go down the stairs to the basement and drive the car away from the bottom if necessary. Passenger transport is prohibited.

The lower stop is secured with a roller shutter, which can only be opened if the stage is in this lower position. Conversely, the lifting table with canopy can only be lifted when the gate is properly closed.

The lifting table as a car lift with roof is completely outdoors, which is why it was completely galvanized. The drive and control system were positioned in the protected area in the basement.
The drainage was solved here with a protruding lid, which presses on a rigol.

Scissor lift table with canopy
Lifting table for cars with roof for sinking

Lifting table with roof

The task was to find a lifting solution with which the customer can transport his goods but also his cars from farm level to the cellar. The challenge was that no fall protection could be installed at the upper stop, as the space had to remain free.

Here we have installed a lifting table with a drive-over canopy. The steel construction is galvanized.
When the lifting table arrives at the bottom position, the roof is flush with the yard level.

Payload 5000 kg, platform 8000 x 3000 mm.

Lifting table with canopy and sectional door

A canopy is usually supplied with a fixed height and a fixed steel structure. However, if the lifting height is too high, or there is an obstacle above the lifting system (a roof, power lines, …), then the canopy is built in such a way that it can be placed in the upper end position.

The platform moves downwards, after about 2m the canopy settles down and the lifting table moves only with the supports further down.
Here an additional lighting and a sectional door from us would be installed, which can only be opened when the stage has arrived at the lower position.

Autohubtisch mit Baldachin untere Haltestelle

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