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Electric lifter with barrel holder

Electric lifts or lifts facilitate the lifting and transport of products, materials, boxes, file folders and the like in countless industries.

Our models are available in many different versions with additional extensive accessories. On request, we can also produce special designs on customer request.

With the mobile version, the electric lifter,you can lift the load to a high level at the push of a button. These inexpensive lifts are often used in laboratories, pharmacies, libraries and production halls. Electric lifts are also battery-operated minilifts with which you can easily set up products and materials and lift them to any height. With the standard devices we achieve a lifting height of 2 m and a payload of 300 kg.

These levers are available in several foot versions. Depending on what needs to be lifted, we can adjust the design. We offer a platform as standard for load handling, but other load holders such as hooks, mandrels, forks, turning unit, turning platform and much more are available.
In the food industry or in some laboratories, our levers in stainless steel are required. Here, too, we have a large selection of standard products and also offer special designs on request.

The stationary level lifts offer legroom and footroom on three sides and ensure smooth working thanks to their extremely good accessibility. Pallets or containers are placed directly on the level lift with the hand pallet truck or forklift. These are then lifted to a comfortable working height and, in some models, also turned into the appropriate working angle. These level lifts are available up to a load capacity of 1500 kg.

With the mobile version, the electric lifter,you can lift the load at the push of a button. Electric lifters are often used in laboratories, pharmacies, libraries, production halls. Electric lifts or lifts are also battery-operated minilifts, with which you can easily maneuver products and materials and lift them to any height.

The devices make it easier to lift and transport heavy boxes, file folders and the like. It can also be used to carry out simple picking activities.

All lifts are equipped with powerful and energy-efficient motors

Level lift

Stable level lifts

Pallets or lattice boxes often have to be brought to a comfortable working height. With our level lifts you can do this effortlessly. Some devices have only a vertical stroke, some are equipped with a tilt function. The advantage of these level lifts is that you have sufficient legroom in front of the raised lattice box, as the lifting technology is placed in the column.
We are also happy to supply only the loose lifting column so that a load handling device can be added by the customer.

Lifts with optional equipment

Often the standard platform is not sufficient for an electric lifter. Here we offer a very large selection of load handling equipment. Whether 2 mandrels for a roller, a platform with guide rollers, an arm with a hook, turning devices or prism supports, we will always find the right solution for your product.
Our lifts are also available in stainless steel!

Electric lift / lifting lift with roller holder
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Our electric lifters & lifts are available in many versions. Different payloads, many lifting heights and different wheel designs can be selected. Due to their good maneuverability in the tightest of spaces, they are suitable for offices and administration as well as for the warehouse environment. Work is made easier for employees and safety is improved. The standard models come with a platform.