Lift table trolley for Euro pallets

Lift table trolley with 800kg custom-made
Lifting table trolley with a load capacity of 800kg for lifting Euro pallets.
There are so many cheap lifting table trolleys on the market. However, very few of them fit the customer's requirements exactly.
We are often asked about lift table trolleys that have the ideal dimensions for holding a Euro pallet. Here we can offer specially made lifting table trolleys. The load capacity can be freely selected.
In this project for a very large industrial customer, we delivered 3 mobile lifting tables with a platform of 1200 x 800mm. The load capacity was 800kg. The procedure of lifting table is manual and is carried out using a stable push handle. The load is lifted on the lifting table trolley using the foot pedal.
Optionally we can do this mobile lifting tables Also available with battery operation or with a standard motor with a plug-in cable. Then you can raise and lower at the push of a button, saving some time and energy.

Pictures of the mobile manual lifting table for Euro pallets

Mobile lifting table trolley for Euro pallets

Lift table trolley for lifting Euro pallets

Our Custom-made mobile lifting table trolley are built to be as solid and stable as the classic stationary scissor lift tables.

The base frame is self-supporting and is made of sturdy steel construction. This is necessary so that the profile does not bend after long use. The four wheels are attached underneath with a flange plate. Two of these wheels under the mobile lifting table are equipped with a brake.

The scissors are made from shaped tubular profiles to ensure greater stability.

The hydraulic cylinder also corresponds to the design of a Standard lifting table and is filled with oil using a foot pump on the back. With every pedal stroke, the lifting table rises.

Mobile lifting table with foot pump

lifting table trolley can be carried out manually with a foot or hand pump, with an integrated battery or with a power connection.

The requirement for this project was to work without a battery or electricity. We attached our hydraulic tank to the back of the base frame, under the push bar. You can use the foot pump to get the goods on lifting table trolley lift by applying force.

With each pedal stroke, the lifting table rises a few centimeters. 

Manual lifting table trolley for Euro pallets
Lift table trolley for Euro pallets

Stable lifting table trolley with a load capacity of 800kg

The mobile lifting table for Euro pallets has a load capacity of 800kg and a platform measuring 1200 x 800 mm. The palette can be used with the mobile lifting table can be raised from 360 mm to a height of 1180 mm.

With the push handle on the back you can push the lifting table and pallet to the desired workstation.
The foot pump allows the goods to be easily transported to the ideal working height by pumping.

The employee can use a device to collect the goods from the warehouse and raise them to an ergonomic working height at the workplace.

We can do this mobile lifting table trolley Deliver with foot pump in all sizes. The load capacity can also be adjusted mobile lifting table be freely chosen.

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