Lifting table with scales and radio control

Scissor lift table with radio control
Hydraulic scissor lift table with scales and radio control

Almost all of ours Scissor lift tables can also be equipped with a scale. If she Scale is integrated on the base frame, on the cylinder or in the platform, depends on the application. Here we always check for each project which solution is the best.

Lift tables are very often used for packing products in shipping departments. Through an in Lift table integrated scales You save time and space because no additional workstation is required for weighing.

In addition, we have these to make employees' work significantly easier 8 lifting tables with a radio control fitted. Everyone lifting table has a radio button that allows only this lifting table to be raised or lowered.

By using one Radio button on the lifting table It is not always guaranteed that you can see the entire danger area under the lifting table when lifting and lowering. That's why we have equipped all lifting tables with a moving bellows in addition to the safety strip required by the standard. This prevents anything or anyone from getting under the platform.


Impressions of the lifting table project

Scissor lift table with scales in the platform

Lifting table with scales

In this lift table project we have the Load cells directly in the platform Scissor lift table integrated. For later maintenance work, these can be easily accessed through four inspection openings.

The customer places the pallet, box or product directly on the lifting table and can immediately read the weight.
No additional weighing space is necessary, which saves time, money and space.

Lifting table with bellows

As Underflow protection you can at Lift tables In addition to the protective roller blind and the mesh shirt, also use a bellows.

The Bellows always protects all four sides of the lifting table. According to the standard, a bellows is necessary if you cannot see the entire danger area under the lifting table from the control point.

Scissor lift table with bellows
Lift table with radio control

Loading lifting table with radio control

In order to make the employee's work as easy and safe as possible, the Lift table with a radio control fitted. This means you can move the lifting table up or down in any position without the cable getting in the way.

Wired buttons also restrict freedom of movement when packing and there is a risk that the cable will be damaged.

Lifting table with weighing function & radio

The task was to build 8 hydraulic scissor lift tables so that the pallets could be lifted Weigh directly on the lifting table when packing could.
For this purpose, we have integrated a scale directly into the platform. An additional challenge was that the lifting tables were installed in a pit and the customer drove over them with a heavy forklift. Heavy-duty load cells therefore had to be installed so that they would not be damaged by the load.
Lifting table with integrated scales with bellows

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