Elevating table between two floors

View under the platform
This hydraulic scissor lift connects the basement with the ground floor.

A renowned Swiss architect approached us because he had one Freight elevator from the basement to the ground floor A traditional elevator was out of the question as the available space was not sufficient for the required load of 2000kg.

We have our hydraulic here Scissor lift table for connecting two floors suggested. Equipped with a bolt lock in the upper landing, side guides over the entire lifting range and an elevator control according to EN81-31, this lifting table is the ideal freight elevator.

The platform size was produced at 2200 x 1300 mm. We were able to meet the requirement of a load capacity of 2000 kg distributed over the entire platform. The level difference was 3000 mm, which meant that we had to use triple scissors. The pit, i.e. the depression in the ground, had to be made 800 mm.

We not only delivered the lifting table, but also the necessary elevator doors with monitoring and locking in both stops. The assembly was carried out in one go by our technicians. As with every assembly, we provided the customer with comprehensive training and put the system into operation.


Details of the lifting table between 2 floors

Preparation of the lifting table shaft

For all lifting tables that connect two or more floors, we create not only a system drawing, but also a shaft plan. This plan shows not only the shaft dimensions, but also the necessary empty pipes, position of the bolt lock and door clearances. 

At the bottom of the picture you can see the empty pipe or the hole made for the hydraulic hose and the wiring. We lead all the cables through this hole to the location of the motor and the control system.

We can carry out a measurement of the shaft before production from the lifting table for an additional charge, but this is rarely necessary or possible in time.

Assembly with forklift

For assembly, the customer must provide us with suitable lifting equipment, in this case a forklift. Depending on the lifting equipment, we may also require an authorized driver.

In the picture, our fitter is adjusting the floor angle, which the customer has cast in concrete, so that the lifting table can then be used perfectly for transporting goods between the two levels.


Lifting table between two floors - lifting goods in the shaft from the basement to the ground floor

Here you can see the lifting table in the lower stop, in the basement. The platform of the lifting table is flush with the basement floor so that it can be loaded at ground level without a step. If the pit is not level or too deep, this height can be adjusted using the support bolts located under the platform or on the base frame.

We have installed guide rails on both long sides to prevent swaying. A corresponding recess has been prepared in the lifting table platform as a counterpart. Due to one-sided loads, the lifting table can otherwise move in one direction and drag on the wall. This prevents guidance and protects the building and the lifting table and avoids annoying noises.

We have installed a bolt lock at the upper stop. These bolts extend out of the platform and rest on a counterpart that is installed in the shaft wall. This means that the lifting table cannot sink to the upper position when it is loaded with heavy loads.

Security at both stops with elevator doors

We equipped both stops with massive elevator doors. We had the doors manufactured exactly to the customer's reveal dimensions so that they fit perfectly.
The doors are equipped with a lock which is connected to the lifting table control. The door in the basement can only be opened if the platform is in the basement. The door at the upper stop on the ground floor behaves the other way around. This only opens when the platform is in the up position and the bolt lock is properly extended. The lifting table between two floors only raises and lowers when both doors are closed.

Of course, the doors can be opened separately for maintenance purposes. However, this is only permitted to trained maintenance personnel.

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