Hydraulic single scissor lift table

Scissor lift table with 2000kg load capacity
Scissor lift table with 2000kg load capacity

Scissor lift tables with scissors

With this scissor lift table you can easily lift Euro pallets with a weight of up to 2000kg!”

The most commonly used lift tables are the simple, but at the same time powerful and versatile single scissor lift tables. These lifting tables are available in many different designs, all of which are equally robust, stable and ergonomically designed. Lifting tables are often used as aids in material handling directly in the industrial hall or as an outdoor loading platform at the loading ramp. Also as a lifting aid next to a machine or in the warehouse for ergonomic loading and unloading of pallets.

Many different versions and models in the standard segment with load capacities between 500 and 20,000 kg offer the right lift table for every requirement. Not only in industry we find a large number of users, but also in distribution warehouses, shops and various service facilities.

With single scissor lift tables, the achievable lifting height can always be seen in relation to the platform length. The longer the platform becomes, the higher you can lift with this type of lifting table. The overall height depends on the type of scissors or the type of scissors. Flat scissor lift tables start at 80mm height, go over loading lifting tables with 500mm and end with solid heavy-duty lifting tables at up to 1200 mm.

The classic Euro pallet lifting table

On these hydraulic pallet lifting tables with scissors, Euro pallets or lattice boxes are placed next to a workbench or a machine. The worker can remove or place his side of workpieces at an ergonomic working height. This work facilitation saves money on the one hand and prevents sick leave due to back pain on the other.

These pallet lifting tables usually have a platform size of 1300 x 800mm for the classic Euro pallet or optionally 1300 x 1000mm for disposable pallets. The most commonly used payload is 1000 kg, but 2000 kg or 3000 kg are also available in the standard range.

Special equipment is also welcome for such simple applications. The standard operation is a manual button on 3m cable. So that the hands are always free when working, we can also equip this scissor lift table with a foot switch.
The circumferential safety bar under the platform prevents a person or other obstacle from squeezing when driving down the platform. As additional protection, PVC roller blinds or a bellows can be attached. The additional underflow protection also protects the scissors and hydraulics from the lifting table from dirt.
Of course, you can also build a turntable if you want to load your pallet from several sides.

Interesting facts from the lifting table world

Nominal load distribution

Distribution of the nominal load

The specified nominal load applies to a load that is evenly distributed over the entire platform area.

According to EN 1570-1, Safety requirements for lifting tables, the basic requirements are as shown in the following graphic.

Use of platform space

•100% of the nominal load distributed over the entire platform area

•or 50% of the nominal load distributed over half the length of the platform

•or 33% of the nominal load distributed over half the width of the platform

Nominal load distribution
Single scissor lift table TM 1500 from maluk

Lifting intensity

T-tables: 10 strokes/hour in 2-shift or 10,000 strokes/year, then HD version

TUL/TCL: 5-6 strokes/hour in 2-shift or 5,000 strokes/year

TUB/TCB: 3-4 strokes/hour in 2-shift or 4,000 strokes/year

C-tables: 30 strokes/day

Flat-form lifting tables and C-tables are not system tables! The intensity refers to maximum load.

Scissor lift table with two cylinders

The single scissor lift tables are equipped with high-quality hydraulic cylinders. The engine pumps the oil into the cylinders, which extend and push the scissor mechanism upwards.

When driving down, the valve is opened and lowered without a motor. A pipe rupture protection ensures safe working, even if a hose or other component should become defective.

Single scissor lift table - scissor detail with two cylinders
Scissor bearings for the hydraulic lifting table

Scissor bearings for hydraulic lifting tables

Here you can see a detail of the scissor bearings of our single scissor lift tables. This type of bearing is used in most of our hydraulic systems and ensures a smooth up and down of our lifting tables.

Rollers at the scissor end

Rollers are installed on the lower but also upper scissors on most single scissor lift tables so that they are gently guided during the lifting and lowering movement.

For higher payloads or special requirements, these rollers are made of solid steel. We use high-quality plastic for the standard lift tables .

Rollers at the scissor end from the lifting table

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