Heavy duty scissor lift table

Schwerlasthubtisch mit 10 Tonnen Traglast
Hydraulic heavy-duty scissor lift table with 10 tons payload.
In this project for a Swiss forklift dealer, the task was to transport materials or forklifts weighing up to 10 tons from the ground floor to the basement. The challenge was that no shaft could be built on the ground floor, as the remaining material delivery is carried out via this area. As a result, the lift table had to be built so stable that it can be driven on by a truck in the upper lifting position.
After many discussions with the customer, the planner and the authorities, we found a perfect lifting table solution for all parties.
For this purpose, we have delivered and installed a heavy-duty lifting table with 10,000kg – incredible 10 tons – load capacity. The platform measures 8000 x 3000 mm. The difference in level to be overcome was 5000 mm. The construction height, i.e. the required pit depth, was 1400mm.
In addition to the lifting table, our scope of supply also included the plug-in railings including mounting frames for securing the upper stop and the elevator control required by the standard.
We also have the complete customs clearance incl. carried out all the necessary documents. Through our Swiss fiscal representation, we can supply lift tables in Switzerland with assembly .

Information on the Heavy Duty Lift Table Project

Anlieferung vom Schwerlast Schwerenhubtisch

Delivery from the lift table with semi-trailer

The heavy-duty lifting table has already been lifted onto the semi-trailer truck at the plant with a mobile crane. This then drove all the way to the customer’s hall. When awarding the contract, we have already checked whether there is sufficient space available in and in front of the hall.

Due to the open roof of the truck, the lifting table with the indoor crane could be lifted from the loading area by the customer. Here we planned the installation in such a way that the indoor crane was already fully functional.

Insertion into the shaft with indoor crane

Due to the existing indoor crane, we did not have to organize any additional lifting equipment for assembly. Immediately after unloading, the heavy-duty lifting table is still hanging on the crane and was then lifted directly down into the shaft. Once in the shaft, our technicians aligned the platform while still hanging from the crane and then parked it.
On the narrow side you can see the built-in bolt lock under the lifting table platform. This ensures that the lift table cannot sink at the upper stop when loading or driving over.
Schwerlasthubtisch mit 10 Tonnen Traglast
Scherenhubtisch an der oberen Haltestelle mit Geländern

Protection of the upper stop from the lift table

If the lift table is in the lower position, someone could fall down into the shaft. To prevent this from happening, a pluggable railing was mounted on four sides of the upper stop. This railing is monitored with contacts. Thus, the lifting table can only lower if the railings are also plugged in.
If someone pulls out a railing when the heavy-duty lift table is in the basement, a loud beep sound sounds as a warning.
This solution of a fall protection is only allowed in consultation with the authority, the civil engineer / TÜV and the customer. Due to the limited number of users in a facility that is not open to the public, we were able to offer a solution here.
If you remove the railings in the upper lifting position, you can use the area of the lift table. In addition, it is so sturdily built that you can also drive over the platform with a loaded forklift.

Heavy-duty lift table at the lower stop

As described, the upper stop was secured with pluggable railings. For this purpose, we also manufactured a steel frame and assembled it on site. (Silver can be seen under the railings)
At the lower stop, a shaft has been built on three sides. The fourth side of the lift table is secured with a gate. The door is connected to the lift table control in such a way that it can only be opened if the lift table is properly positioned at the lower stop. Conversely, the lifting table can only be lifted when the door is closed.
2 steel girders were mounted laterally on the long side. The stage is guided along the entire lifting area over these two girders.
The platform surface is made with tear plate. The colour scheme of the scissor lift table can be freely chosen by us.
Schwerlasthubtisch untere Hubstellung - oben mit Geländern gesichert

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