Garbage elevator

Lifting table mounted in the shaft
Hydraulic scissor lift table as a garbage lift from the basement to the ground floor.

The Vienna hotel faced the challenge of... Garbage containers from the garbage room in the basement to street level had to be brought. After developing several lifting solutions for the garbage cans, we decided together on a hydraulic scissor lift table including a shaft frame.

The lifting table has a load capacity of 1000 kg and a platform size of 1800 x 1300mm. The difference in level from the garbage room to the ground floor is 3300 mm.

We not only supported the planning, but also delivered the system and installed it on site. The creation of the technical documents and the system drawing was also part of our order.
After installing the lifting device for garbage containers, we also carried out the technical inspection. The authorized civil engineer issued a test book after a positive test.

Since handing it over to the customer, we have also been carrying out annual maintenance. Here the system is technically checked, cleaned and adjusted if necessary. Every maintenance is recorded on site in the inspection log.

Details from the garbage elevator

Planning carried out

A long journey from the architect's first draft to the perfect solution for this construction project. A classic elevator was initially considered, but the shelters in the shaft pit and in the shaft head were not available. So we finally came up with the solution of lifting the garbage cans out of the basement with a scissor lift table.

Delivery with special crane

After the plan was approved, the lifting table was produced and delivered to me on a truck with a special crane. The door at street level has a very low height, which required a crane with a negative boom. The customer took care of the necessary roadblock.

Thanks to this great preparation on site, the fitters were able to save a lot of time and work safely and quickly.

Lifting table and shaft scaffolding from a single source

The hydraulic scissor lift table moves in a closed steel shaft. We supplied this shaft for the garbage lift and installed it on site. The door in the garbage room is equipped with locks (red in the picture above the door). This means that the door can only be opened if the platform of the garbage can lift is at the level of the garbage room in the basement.

Due to a requirement from the authorities, we designed the top element of the shaft with a perforated plate. We can always design the walls of the shaft according to customer requirements. It is also possible for the customer to prepare their own shaft.

It is important that the shaft is vertical and smooth on the inside. This means that it has no projections or recesses and is flush with the platform with a predetermined gap.

Securing the upper stop with a steel gate

The upper stop is also secured with a double-leaf steel door. Here too, the red forced locks monitor the door. This can only be opened if the platform is properly in the upper position.

Due to requirements from the local authority, the customer had to install a fire protection door in front of our elevator door. This can always be opened and is not directly connected to the garbage container lifting system.


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