Column lifter as a garbage elevator

Column jack at the lower stop
Galvanized hydraulic column jack with outdoor shaft scaffolding

A German customer approached us because he had a... Lifting system for his garbage containers was looking for. The garbage cans must be moved from the lower parking lot level to the upper street level.

We were faced with the challenge that a classic scissor lift table could not be used because there is an underground car park below this level and it was not possible to create a deep pit. So we decided to use our column lifter.

We not only delivered the hydraulic column jack, but also the complete shaft scaffolding. We carried out the assembly, commissioning and training on site.

The load capacity of this lifting system is 1000kg. The platform has a size of 1550 x 1250 mm. The level difference is 2950 mm.

The system is set up in a freely ventilated outdoor area, which is why we not only used our outdoor system version, but also designed the electronics with an increased protection class. In addition, the lift for the garbage containers and the shaft frame were hot-dip galvanized.

Details of the column lifter with shaft

Planning carried out

Before we arrive with the lifting system, we give the customer precise instructions on how the construction site needs to be prepared. The customer creates the foundation, here with a 100mm deep pit so that loading can take place at ground level.

At the upper stop, the existing railing was cut out and a transition was made to our shaft scaffolding. The power connection and potential equalization were also installed in advance.

So that the customer can carry out the preparations ideally, we create a system drawing with all details and information when the order is placed.

Unloading with a special forklift

Especially in winter Outdoor area It is important that the assembly time on site is kept as short as possible. For this reason, the lifter has already been completely pre-assembled and tested in the factory.

Once the installation date was fixed, the column jack and shaft were loaded onto the shipping company's truck and transported to the construction site just in time.

Transport from a professional

For this construction project, we needed a special forklift for unloading and transporting it to the installation site. Big thanks and our partner Weiland Kran & Transport GmbH. 

The special forklift was necessary because the building's inner courtyard can only be accessed through a low and narrow entrance. In addition, the device had to be strong and high enough to be able to lift the fully assembled column jack and shaft.
The shaft was lifted into the prepared pit, aligned and then bolted. After that, the forklift was no longer needed.

Securing the upper stop with a gate

The Column jack for lifting garbage containers has gates at both stops that are equipped with forced contact. This forced contact – shown in red on the gate in the photo – ensures that the gate can only be opened when the platform of the system is in exactly this position. The system only starts when both gates are properly closed.

The yellow control element was mounted so that it cannot be operated from the platform. This is necessary because passengers are prohibited! When the gate is closed, press the “UP” or “DOWN” button and the system automatically moves to the corresponding floor. Since the system is in a public area, we have equipped it with a key switch so that unauthorized persons cannot operate the system.


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