Car lift table with canopy

Autohubtisch halb ausgefahren
Outdoor hydraulic scissor lift table with canopy.
In this project, the task was clear very quickly, because the customer knew exactly what he wanted. Autos are to be transported from the courtyard level to the cellar. In the courtyard, however, no one should recognize that a lifting system for cars is installed here, so a canopy was desired.
The plant has an effective load capacity of 3500 kg and a platform of 7000 x 3000 mm. The difference in level is almost 4.5m.
The platform, base frame and canopy are hot-dip galvanized for a longer service life.
The roof of the car lift table is covered by the customer with plaster, so that you do not recognize at first glance that a lifting system is installed here. We have installed lighting under the roof so that you can see better when loading or parking. We also carried out the complete assembly including cabling and lifting. Following the assembly, we carried out a detailed training.
A car lift table with a canopy is the ideal solution if you want to lift your car from the yard level to the basement. By installing a lift table in your basement, you can drive your car safely and comfortably into the basement. Thus, you can protect your car from weather influences and damage.
However, installing a car lift table is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. It is important that the lift table is professionally assembled so that it functions safely and reliably. Therefore, you should always have the installation of the lifting table carried out by our specialist staff. So you can be sure that the lift table will be installed correctly and you will enjoy it for a long time.

Project details from the car lift table

Autohubtisch am LKW vor Montage

Delivery and lifting from the car lift table

If the conditions on site allow it, we always deliver our car lift tables fully assembled to the construction site. This has the advantage that the assembly can be completed much faster.

We lift the lift table for cars directly from the semi-trailer into the shaft prepared for this purpose.

Car lift table with canopy half lowered

There is a special feature of car lift tables with a canopy . The operation of the facility is only allowed at the upper stop. The operator must always be able to see the entire danger zone from the control point.
The operator is responsible for ensuring that no one approaches the system. If a dangerous situation occurs, the lifting process must be aborted.
Autohubtisch mit Baldachin
Autohubtisch ganz eingefahren

Car lift table in the lower lifting position

In the lower lifting position, the canopy lies on its counterpart in the shaft. This ensures that you can drive a car to the roof without any difference in altitude.

The canopy is executed with a tub. In this tub, the customer adds a surface (e.g. asphalt or pavement). Thus, one does not recognize at first glance that a car lift table with canopy is hidden here.

Depending on the installation location or application, you also have to think about drainage. Usually we let the canopy protrude at the top. A sheet metal folded at the bottom stands in a trench mounted by the customer. This keeps the surface water out of the pit.

Sectional door in the basement

The lower stop of the car lift table is secured with a sectional door. The lift table moves only when this door is properly closed. Likewise, the gate of the car lift table only opens when the lift table is in the lower position.

The picture also shows very well that the supports of the canopy are separated from the actual roof. This is usually done if the lifting height is too high. You can also see the integrated LED lighting.

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