Car lift table & car lift

Car-Lift table
Lift cars to the next floor with a scissor lift table.

car lift tables, car lifts or Car lifts (Carlift) As the name suggests, they are used to transport cars from one floor to the next. Depending on the application, we lift the vehicles with a scissor lift table or a column jack. Passengers are not provided for in the classic application and are only permitted with great effort.

The scissor lift table is usually cheaper, but requires a greater pit depth. If there is no pit, a column jack is usually used. This works like a forklift with a mast. The mast or column is mounted on the side of the shaft and the platform moves up or down with the car.

Assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the car lifting table

car lift tables At first glance they look like a classic scissor lift table, but the devil is in the details. The rolling load has to... lifting table be built significantly more stable than a lifting table with an evenly distributed load. The alignment of the fixed bearing side in the shaft must also be taken into account.
The control of car lift tables must be specially adapted to the application and built in accordance with the EN81-31 elevator standard. A classic lifting table control only has a standard button with UP-DOWN emergency stop, which is not sufficient here.

In addition, our lifting tables are equipped with a bolt lock, which fixes the platform in the upper station in the shaft using bolts. This prevents the vehicle from sinking when driving and protects the person in the car.

Elevator doors with appropriate locks must be installed at the stops. The gates only open when the platform is in the appropriate position. The gates can be designed not only as revolving doors but also as sectional doors or roller doors.

The assembly and commissioning should be carried out by a specialist company, as this involves special elevator technology and the installation is not self-explanatory. In addition, after successful commissioning, an acceptance test must also be carried out by a civil engineer.

Car lifting tables from professionals

Car lifting table between 2 floors

Car scissor lift table in the shaft

Car lift tables are most often used in an elevator shaft. The shaft can be made of concrete, wood or, as in the example photo, steel profiles with glass elements.

The shaft must be flush with the platform and must not have any protrusions. The gates at the stops must also be installed flush with the platform.
Manholes are usually manufactured by customers, but we also offer metal manholes if required.

Car lift table with canopy

A Car lift table with a canopy is nothing more than a lifting table with columns on the platform on which a roof is then mounted.

The advantage of such a thing Car jack is that when you reach the lowest position, you can no longer see that a system is installed here. The car platform is then “hidden” in the ground.
The roof can be designed in such a way that the same covering is used as that of the surrounding area, thereby achieving an even better visual result.
These car lift tables can either be used as a garage, or you can also equip the lower stop with a gate so that you can park your car in the basement.
A lifting table with a canopy is always operated from the upper stop, as you have to have the area from the roof in sight.
Sinking the car with a lifting table

Car lift on the outside of the building without a shaft

If a shaft cannot be built or does not want to be built, the car lift tables can also be equipped with appropriate railings and gates.

Depending on the country regulations or local building regulations, appropriate safety technology must be installed here. We always support our customers and clarify everything that is necessary before delivery.

In this example, operation is only permitted from below so that you can see the danger area under the stage. The upper stop was secured with a gate.

On the platform from car lift table A railing was installed on two long sides and a gate on one narrow side.
So you can with this Lift table his car playing outside of the building to the upper floor lift.

Column lifter as a vehicle lift

Column jacks are used when a pit cannot be created in the lower station or when the lifting height is too high for a car scissor lift.

In this solution, columns were erected on both long sides. These columns are used to raise the platform in the middle. Since there is no pit, there is an access ramp in front of the column lift. There are railings on the platform of the car lift to provide security.

Automatic gates were installed at both stops, which can only be opened when the stage has arrived at the appropriate position.

For such complex systems, we always recommend that the installation be carried out by a specialist company.
Following the assembly of the Carlift, we always carry out an inspection by a civil engineer. This checks the system and assembly and issues an inspection book.
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