Loading lifting table with mounting

Lifting the loading platform with a special crane
Hydraulic loading lift table is lifted into the building with special lifters.

For a large German food retailer, we had to deliver a massive and robust loading lift table and assemble it on site. After the assembly, we carried out the training and had the acceptance done by an authorized civil engineer.

The loading lifting table has a load capacity of 4000kg evenly distributed over the entire platform. The platform size was set at 3150 x 1550 mm. The difference in level is 800mm. A gate was installed to secure the upper stop.
Due to the use indoors, we have opted for a paint finish. In the outdoor area, we used galvanized loading lifting tables.
Thanks to our own technicians and our Austria-wide service network, we can carry out lifting table assemblies anywhere. Lifting devices can be organized by the customer or by us. However, the power connection must always be carried out by the electrician on site.

Assembly procedure for the loading lifting table

Frame for loading lifting table

Base frame for the pit

In this project, the shaft pit was concreted 300mm too deep by the construction company. So that the loading lift table can still reach the upper level, we have produced a massive self-supporting base frame. We lifted it into the pit and fastened it.
If the loading lift table had had 300mm more useful stroke, we would have attached the lifting table to the concrete floor, extended the attachment bolts to the actual height and readjusted the upper level with the stroke limit switch.
However, this model did not have a 300mm reserve.
The challenge was that our technicians were already on site in Linz and the frame had to be manufactured overnight by a local locksmith.

Lifting from the loading lift table

The lifting from a lifting table is usually carried out directly with a crane truck, a forklift or the construction crane. From time to time, however, there are special challenges due to the progress of construction or structural conditions.

Here the insertion was very difficult, because on the outside was a concrete ramp with a pedestal about 3 meters long. Behind it, the massive loading lifting table, which has a dead weight of 2500kg, had to be lifted into an even deeper pit.
In addition, the clear clearance height from the gate was very low and a classic truck loader crane would not have made it.

Thus, we have resorted to a telehandler. This was able to lift the loading lift table with the narrow side forward into the building. Inside, we had to go beyond the pit to turn the lifting table hanging from the crane.


Lifting the loading lift table with Manitu
Place the loading lifting table with lifting eyelets in the pit

Loading lift table with lifting eyelets

Our sturdy loading lift tables are always supplied with lifting eyelets. These eyelets are inserted through the platform and screwed into the base frame. This serves on the one hand as a transport security and on the other hand as a lifting aid.
The chain of the special lifting device is hung in the 4 ring eyelets and the lifting table is lifted on the base frame and placed in the pit. In this process, the lifting table is already aligned very precisely, so that it does not have to be moved later with great effort.
In the next step, the eyelets are removed, the maintenance hatch is opened and the lifting table is provisionally connected so that you can move upwards.

If there is no maintenance hatch, the platform can be pulled up mechanically – without electricity – by means of a lifting device and switched off on the maintenance supports. If the platform is in the upper position, you can climb under the platform and make the temporary connection.

Commissioning from the loading lift table

As soon as the lifting table is positioned in the pit , commissioning can begin.
First, the lifting table is precisely aligned and attached to the pit floor or base frame. After that, power connection and grounding are made by the electrician.
In the next step, the control element is attached to the desired position. Conduits for this purpose were concreted in advance. The stroke limit switch is adjusted to the upper level and the PVC protective roller blind is screwed on the front.
And the loading lift table is already assembled and can be handed over to the customer.
Mounting from the loading lift table with roller blind

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